Friday, July 3, 2009

to pee or not to pee


Last night was incredible. But; the funiest shxxt happened. Before ii go into the funny shxxt; ill give u all a little bit of a backstory. I have a ..................few *don't judge me* homie- lover-friends. Those R the best people on the planet. Sex, no commentment. Emotion free. Hells yea, iim on that shxxt. Might ii add that friends R the easiest to deal, we go back. &nd we have more of a special relationship outsideof sex.

STORY TIME: So he's at mii house we're watching The Dark Knight
on cable. In my head I'm wishing this long ass movie would end
so we could have sex. ii say fuxxx it. im getting horney as
hell. &nd we're only half way through that shxxt.
SO0o ii crawl my fingers up his arm 2 his neck &nd he laughs. I tickle him some more like that until he tells me to "stop, dis mah part girl" batman and joker are doing the big rig truck chase thing. ii have no clue really im totally spaced out thinking about sex. ii walk mii fingers up his thigh and across his dick. he chuckles. so ii continue to walk my fingers back &nd forth across his dick. he looks at me &nd says "oh yu want that" ii give him a wink. This fucker kisses me on my ear and says "when the movies over" Hells no! this shiit is half way into it. Neverminding his request, ii put my hand in his pants and feel his dick is already hard! ii start 2 massage it until its str8 up rock hard. ii hand job it and stare at this fucker. He's still way too into this movie. So,
ii lean in &nd give it a lick. By now my pussy is soaking wet. i sat back up because this fucker still isn't making no attempts. He didnt want me to stop, so he gave me a nice short sweet tounge kiss and put my hand back on his dick. ii huffed. before i got entirely mad. i decided to give him the best blow job i could muster up. so ii nealed infrount of him. pulled down his sweat pants and i began to blow job it 2 make him want it NOW. ii began to slobb it down. deep throat. his moan jerked me out of my rythm. this is when i knew ii had him. ii looked up and his eyes were closed.
His moans we growing as i stroked and sucked. mmmm... ii loved giving head. ii felt his hand start to rub my back. That was my sign that he was just about ready for me. ii continued to bob my head. ii could tell he was about to come. he grabbed my head and guided me to move faster. ii gaged. but got my ryhtm back. "ii dont want to cum" he moaned. He stopped me.

this is abit leighty. Im getting to the point. I laid down ready for him to give it to me. but he didnt, ii think he wanted to calm down. He took off my undies. & felt how wet ii was. He rubbed my clit with his fingers *i gave him clit rubbing &nd pussy sucking classes* Thats always necassary cause some fellas just dont know what 2 do. Ladies prentend as if it feels go. Not I. He begain to eat me out like i was a steak dinner. I was already so Horney that ii was trying not to bust only after a few minutes. he sucked my clit. &nd stuck a finger inside. I was on the moon. His favor was returned well. rubbed my g-spot. &nd sucked my clit at the same time. by now, i could hear joker........... but idk what the fuxx he was talkin bout. ii was on the vearge of cumming but i didnt want 2. ii stopped him. I pulled him up &nd we kissed. i could taste my pussy on his lips. thats the closes ive ever been to tasting a pussy. and maybe ever will. maybe. ii told yu guys in a previous blog that ii fantisize about it.

to pee or not to pee that is the question
we kissed. He put reached for his pants and into his wallet. He pulled out a condom and bit it open and put it on. he sucked my neck and grinded his dick on my pussy. Finally. He opened me up and worked his way in. We were moaning load. that shit felt soooooooo soooooooo good. his dick is amazing. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders &nd thats when ii lose it. this is my favorite FAVORITE position. ii think its called the folded deck chair or some shxxt. im really into positions so, i'll blog about that next.

so any how. he begain to stroke and he was hitting my G just right. I had to pee. that shxxt felt way to good to stop. so i held my pee while he stroked. he moaned a mmmmmmmohhhhshit when he felt my pussy tense up. *do keggles* ladies. or w.e. that shxxt is called. he moved faster to the point in which my pee was on the way. ii wanted to stop but i didnt want to even more. i felt my orgasm approaching. my feet start to tingle . ii knew this was going to be a powerful one. i hoped i could hold the pee through the orgasm this massive. However, ii couldnt. I released and went some where in space and i just let the pee flow. he loved and busted !!!!!!!HAHHa the first time ive experienced.

the thought of it now is kinda gross but whne i squeezed my pussy it felt good for us both.

and my warm wet pee just added to the pleasure!


  1. Lol! this was intriguing and funny as hell all in one! love the blog already

  2. Lol are you sure it was pee and not just squirting? it coulda been squirting. it sounds like squirting. i love ur blog.

  3. well ii've squirted before a few times. ii usually push that out. & it has a different scent. this was pee. it smelled like pee. but it hink it was more likely both. thnx for comin through keisha. i love your blog too. your funny as fuck!

  4. lol this is my new favorite blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1