Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hey guys

HEYYA! i been gone fora minute. Life has been CRAZY as fuck! a quick update for you guys is that me and joe into our first fight. the story is like this, i was being a fucking idiot and start talking to HMLF on the phone and we were having texting freenzys we hadnt hung out or anything. just talking. HLF was pressuring me about hanging out, but i kept changing the subject. so one night i was hanging out late with joe and we just got finished making love and what do you know? my eFIN phone rang. it was about 2 in the morining so you know joseph was buggin. "are you gonna see who that is" me: "NO" (of coarse i was already knowing) "what if its your mom?" so i check it. turn my back to him (dumb as shit) that rose suspicion. "why you trying to hide" "im not" then a shit load of questions tagged along with the one i dreaded "who was that" my dumb ass answered to slow when i said "my mom" he gave me a fucked up look and said "aren't you gonna call her back" shit shit fuck fuck damn damn FUUUUUUUUUCK! when i said No. he said "that wasnt yo mutha fuckin mother!" "yes it was" "let me see" "okay it wasnt" "who was it?" i told him. all hell broke loose. he got up and start putting on his clothes (i was suppose to stay over) i said "what are you doing?" "get yo shit" well at least he was taking me home, unlike HLF which left me stranded. this was 2 am however.

fastforward. he stopped talking to me all together ignoring my calls for 3 days. i was sick as hell. those 3 days let me kno how my ass really felt about joesph. i swore i'd never fuck up again.
so after a thousand missed calls, a hundred VM, 50 texts 25 emails.......... he finally sent me an email saying he didnt want to call me because he wanted to talk face to face.

we talked and i was so happy he forgave me. i start crying. that shit shocked ME. of coarse i cried alone, but in no way was i trying to cry in front of him i HATE showing weakness!

so after he forgave me, we was still tripping, we didnt talk on the phone that night. i knew i had to make it up for my baby.

so i used the money i was saving. got a room pulled out the sexy panies and draws. and told him here to meet me. ii put i DOWN. ii got the same room we had when we made our relationship official . set it up the same with the candles.

i think that was the best love i ever made. i wanted to please him only but he loves eating me. its a treat to him. so after i sucked the shit out MY dick, he begged to return the favor. you know ii couldnt turn him down but once. and ii had multiple orgasm. that shit was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we fell out and in the middle of the night i felt him grinding on my butt, of coarse he was sleep. but i start grind my ass back on his dick. he was hard and sleep. i was wet and horny. and half sleep. i reached back and put it in. and he started to work. he was sleep until i heard him start to moan. and we got it on again.

the memories replay over and over and over.


  1. This story reminds me so much of something that happened between my fiance and I when we started dating 4 years ago.

    He got really upset over something I did (nothing about another guy) and didnt speak to me for days! I felt like you did.

    Joseph seems like a good guy. He seems to really care about you. I think he handled the situation appropriately. Noone wants to be lied to. Im sure if you told him the truth he would have asked a few more questions and then let it go.

    What you should take from this experience is honesty is key. Tell him whats going on and let him help you through it.

    When my fiance and I first got together I told him the truth about my ex. Told him we were together for a few years and I loved him so much. And that I still loved him. I told him that he calls and texts me from time to time and it takes all the power in me to ignore them. He was very understanding. He didnt hate me. He knew I couldnt control the calls and texts from my ex. He knew he couldn't be upset that I still had feelings for someone else before him.

    But he was very supportive and helped me through it.

    Now the thing that makes your situation so unique is that you only got with joe that night because HLF fuked up. Had he not been all into Kim you and Joe probably would never be. You need to let him know whats going on. Otherwise you are always going to feel guilty. You don't have to tell him every single detail, but you should be able to be open with him about your emotional state. Thats what relationships are about.

    Its not just about sex. Its more about communication.

    Im happy that you are happy.

  2. Hey Tori!

    I've made my blog private and would love to still have you as a reader, can you email me your email addy so that I can put you give you a VIP pass??