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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hey guys

HEYYA! i been gone fora minute. Life has been CRAZY as fuck! a quick update for you guys is that me and joe into our first fight. the story is like this, i was being a fucking idiot and start talking to HMLF on the phone and we were having texting freenzys we hadnt hung out or anything. just talking. HLF was pressuring me about hanging out, but i kept changing the subject. so one night i was hanging out late with joe and we just got finished making love and what do you know? my eFIN phone rang. it was about 2 in the morining so you know joseph was buggin. "are you gonna see who that is" me: "NO" (of coarse i was already knowing) "what if its your mom?" so i check it. turn my back to him (dumb as shit) that rose suspicion. "why you trying to hide" "im not" then a shit load of questions tagged along with the one i dreaded "who was that" my dumb ass answered to slow when i said "my mom" he gave me a fucked up look and said "aren't you gonna call her back" shit shit fuck fuck damn damn FUUUUUUUUUCK! when i said No. he said "that wasnt yo mutha fuckin mother!" "yes it was" "let me see" "okay it wasnt" "who was it?" i told him. all hell broke loose. he got up and start putting on his clothes (i was suppose to stay over) i said "what are you doing?" "get yo shit" well at least he was taking me home, unlike HLF which left me stranded. this was 2 am however.

fastforward. he stopped talking to me all together ignoring my calls for 3 days. i was sick as hell. those 3 days let me kno how my ass really felt about joesph. i swore i'd never fuck up again.
so after a thousand missed calls, a hundred VM, 50 texts 25 emails.......... he finally sent me an email saying he didnt want to call me because he wanted to talk face to face.

we talked and i was so happy he forgave me. i start crying. that shit shocked ME. of coarse i cried alone, but in no way was i trying to cry in front of him i HATE showing weakness!

so after he forgave me, we was still tripping, we didnt talk on the phone that night. i knew i had to make it up for my baby.

so i used the money i was saving. got a room pulled out the sexy panies and draws. and told him here to meet me. ii put i DOWN. ii got the same room we had when we made our relationship official . set it up the same with the candles.

i think that was the best love i ever made. i wanted to please him only but he loves eating me. its a treat to him. so after i sucked the shit out MY dick, he begged to return the favor. you know ii couldnt turn him down but once. and ii had multiple orgasm. that shit was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we fell out and in the middle of the night i felt him grinding on my butt, of coarse he was sleep. but i start grind my ass back on his dick. he was hard and sleep. i was wet and horny. and half sleep. i reached back and put it in. and he started to work. he was sleep until i heard him start to moan. and we got it on again.

the memories replay over and over and over.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tagged!! twitter trend topic:

thanks you guys. i needed your energy to pull me back in. ii talked to HLF last night and was very forward when i told him ii wasn't interested in him romantically anymore. He asked if ii was still messing with Joseph and ii was up front and told him yes. to my surprise he did not get mad. we even talked for a little while longer. the thing about this is, ii think he's only trying to be cool to minipulate me into getting back. it seems like he's making me think he is cool and okay with being friends and he thinks he's going to win me over. iim smarter this time. and thanks to you guys comments im not even trying to give him another chance. ii wont say never. as of now, NOT!

so I have been tagged to give 10 famous excuses: no limits, any excuse. tag 10 people to give 10 excuses.

#famousexcuses this isn't a hickey!....I got punched in the neck! (LMAOOO)

#famousexcuses i Nah i aint never went through your phone and read you texts

#famousexcuses I don't got no service so txt me

#famousexcuses shorty is ugly i would never fck anything like that

#famousexcuses im allergic to condoms.....smh

#famousexcuses I've been really busy....Really? why are you online tweeting... lol

#famousexcuses Ima pull out....negative! Wrap it up

only did seven and i only tagged 7 so do it everyone!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

help me.

so im in a fucking delima!!!!!!!!!! well let me catch you guys up.

so HLF was calling me of the chainz for the past few weeks. so the first time he finally called he wanted to curse me out some more. yell some more like i gave a flying fuck. if i was still interested in him like that, ii would have cursed back & dealt with listening to him. however; im not that chick anymore. im so over that shit. so the first night he called me, i listened to what he had to say, well YELL. he was basically saying sum shit like, how ii get mad at him knowing i fucked ole boy. saying he was feeling bad while ii was hoeing around. WTF? shut up asshole. so i told him "im hanging up now" & ii did just that. he called me back a second later talking that shit. cursing me out for hanging up. ii warned him AGAIN that ii was hanging up. & ii did. he called me again. ii was smart enough to press ignore. so that fucker called me again and again until i turned my phone off.

he waited two days later & called me again. ii didnt answer that shit. he called back the next morning. only because he left a message that night saying he just wanted to have a civil conversation. "how are you" is what he started the conversation with LMAO! ii was thinkin WTF? ii said a pretty solemn "fine" then he asked me about my plans for the day. WTF!!!!!!! ii did not want to be cool with this dickhead. granted ii still loved him. but the way ii get over some dirty ass shit like this is NOT be friendly. it would be easy for me to fall back in. ii still liked him too much to think we could be cool. ii said something without saying anything really. im not trying to let this bitch know my plans. so he sensed it in my tone and asked if i wanted to talk about the situation. my mean ass said "thats the point of you calling" usually he would get mad off a smart comment. he didnt. he was really wanting to be cool. well damn! to make a long story short he asked if we could work on fixing on our relationship and move past this. ii told him i wasnt ready. he didnt like my answer and start asking about joseph. we end up getting into a yelling and cursing match and he hung up in my face. round and round we go.

all the while i been living it up with joseph. so all HLF negetivity wasnt effecting this bitch in the least. ii havent told joe about him calling. ii didnt plan to either!

o yea. i forgot to tell ya'll i was hanging out with the BFF and her lil sis. her lil sis fergie told us that kim (the girl HLF cheated on me with) told her that she went to his house, he cooked for her and they watched a movie. and had sex. ya'll i fuckin balled. that shit hurt like a two ton brick on my heart. whats with these mixed up ass emotions. i felt like i was being selfish when im doing the same thing. i had already been with joseph. talked to him everyday. so WTF are these feelings still strong.

so i let my friends talk me into calling kim. ii called her ass and cussed her the fuck out. told her where ii was at if she wanted to handle it. only reason im mad at that skank is because she knew that ii was with HLF. she knew that shit & still pursued him. that bitch wasnt saying shit on the phone while ii was cussing her out. ii called her all kinds of bitches and hoes!! told her if i hear she's been with HLF again i will fuck her upt......fucking skank! if ii catch her in the street........... no ii wont. im working on myself. im passed it. ii still cant believe she didnt hang up or get with me! lol. all she said was "are you finished?" lmao!! i said "no bitch" and kept going. then i hung up on her. and soon after, ii felt bad. as me and joe talked, i learned he doesnt like girls that are hot heads (me) LMAO. ii dont like that type of behavior either. so im not even gonna worry about her. i dont know why ii let them hype me up to even call. all it does is prove ii still like HLF cause he text me a couple minutes after i hung up with her. "why the hell you in my business" & "dont call kim no more" i was steamed and start crying once more.

well let me think.....what else has been happening????????????? nuthin just a few more yummy nights ( and days ) with joseph. ill save that for another blog.

so since we pretty much caught up, til now. you guys are going to kill me!!!!!
HLF called me last night. ii answered and he was basically begging for me back. ok, he wasnt begging but he was doing a lot for the type of guy he he is. he doesnt give up his feelings or talk about emotions too much. he told me he missed me. and he never thought he loved me this much. iit took me going away for him to realize it. we talked for 4 hours about everything. we even laughed. im afraid to tell you guys but joseph called while we were on the phone, but i didnt click over. i know, i know. iim being stupid. this is the hardest fuckin shit! he even ended the coversation with "i love you" and he said if ill have him back he wants it to be right. boyfriend and girlfrind. thats how he was able to loose focous on our relationship and be with that skank. he said he didnt feel comminted to me. so he wants to commit. how is it that the pain he caused is not sticking with me? how is it that after one good conversation on the phone ii forgot about everything we've been through and all the good times with joseph. ii keep crying because i dont know what to do! how can ii be strong? please help me. ii need advise like forreals.

i didnt say yes or no. ii told him ii need to think about everything. guys, he even told me he cried. ii said YEA THE FUCK RIGHT! but he said he did, just because he dont show his emotions to me doesnt mean he dont have them. is that a load of shit?? should ii believe that? he apologized a few times and ii did too. im crying as im typing this blog because i really have no clue on how ii should handle this. the easiest thing is to let him go cause ii have a reason. ii dont have a good logical reason to let joseph go. FUCK! i hate everything! my life sucks.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

joseph asked me for my blogg address!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is currently on the phone reading my last update!
he cussed me out (jokingly) for two reason.
"why the hell u put my name on there and _______ gets to remain a secret"
POINT! but, my slick ass said my blog is real and iim really into YOU so you get a real name
HLF gets no LOVE, not even a fuckin name. pppphhhwaahahhaha
(real talk, jo3. HEY BOOSKIE)
and second reason is cause he said his mom is NOT jamacian and white! LOL! shit. ii thoughts thats what the fuck he said. my ass was half sleep! witcha half breed ass! just incase he refreshes momz is jamacian and dad is white. fuck me twice!

Friday, August 7, 2009

on the phone with the booskie.
im falling fast && O so fast
i'll be smart ya'll. he just says all the right shit
maybe O maybe, im just on the rebound.
im more opened than usual.
shit! what the fuck.
i'll catch u guys up. i need to stay on top of my shit
cause im falling with my blog and shit
my diary is some weeks behind.
joseph and i are already together if you havent noticed.
he keeps telling me to get the fuck off the phone.
he just said im not giving him all the attention.

oh ii really have to tell you all about HLF and his manipulative ways


masturbation can do great damage to you sexually. Your sexual stimulation and pleasure can become tied to certain images that aren't reality, that only exist in your head. Your future sex life within your marriage, could suffer.


what the hell type of shit is that?? what the hell you trying to say? if i masturbate too much, when ii finally get get some from a person all ima think about is my hand? get outtttta heeere! shit, the images in my head is of the man ima have sex with! so im fuckin with the images in my head of the mutherfucker im fuckin! LMAO!

i think its just the OPPOSITE! the more i masterbate. the more i know me. the more i teach him. the BETTER our marrige will BE!!!!!



I decided to use other ppls topics that ii see and find interesting. so what! say sumin! lmao. i figured that way ii will have something other than my relationship to talk about loves.

ii just ran across a blog with a fuckin great story about being in a complicated relationship with a married man. (new follower now. seems like she has some real shit to talk about) well ii dont know if its complicated cause she says it is, then doesnt in the comments. confused.

ii read some comments to see, what they had to say about her situation. cause im a never say never type a gal. ii could say ii wont deal with a married man til one with a good dick, some personality and his shit together (besides his not doing her damn wife) and im hooked.

so anywho.... The comments where more geared towards is the status complicated a cop out or a valid answer. so ii said some shit like...
FUCK YEA, THAT SHIT IS! FUCK U MEAN I CANT HAVE A COMPLICATED as my RELATIONSHIP status Lmfao! cop out means avoiding the question. shit actually. id like to talk about that shit! LMAO

my last relationship status was nothing more and nothing less than complicated. we wasn't single and we wasn't in a relationship OUR ASS WAS COMPLICATED. simple as that. THER FOR IT IS! i have proof!ME. blah blah. this a good TOPIC though. thought i'd share. tomorrow ill have some opinions about others.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

i wasnt taged but, ill do it anyways

1. Is there any type of sexual act you're embarrassed to ask for? (If so, what? Hee...)

not! this question is probably geared toward men! now theres some shit i just won't do. but i like everything ii ask for and those are not embarrassing

2. Have you ever dumped someone purely because of bad sexual performance?

no. hopefully ii will never.

3. Name something you would say no to if asked to do in bed.

all that extreme shit. peeing. never did anal cause ii say NO.

4. The three words that best describe you in bed are ____, ____, and ____.

passionate, vocal, freaky

5. Have you ever been so emotionally moved by a sexual experience (in a good way), that you cried?


Bonus (as in optional): What could your partner bring to bed that would most turn you on?

ii just got it for the first time, slow passionate sex.

i tagg all of you if your BOLD ENOUGH!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Im back loves!

so iive been falling off the wagon with my blog. its cuz life had been a little crzy with all the drama surrounding the aspects of my life. i've been dealing with the HLF/ joseph delima for the past week.
after HLF kicked me out. ii went home crying. not a good look cuz ii had to explain to my momz the problem. something i didnt want 2 do. of coarse i didn't tell her everything. ii told her HLF broke up with me. I told her the reasoning was he was at a party messing wit some skank, so ii fooled around myself ii didn't tell her ii slept with a nother guy (get real). her motherly advice was "two wrongs never make a right" and that ii should NOT have repeated his actions. she said how it then put me in the wrong zone. after a zillion questions and a gazillion more POINTS, ii went to get on the net read some of ya'll bloggs 2 take my head away from HLF. (thanks 4 having great blogs out there!!) ii was really exspecting a call from HLF but that fucker never called (thanks for not regretting the HOE remark fucker!). on a lighter note, i did get a text from joseph sexy ass. he asked what ii was doing. && if he could call. DUH. so right then, he called and i stayed on the phone with him til 3. we talked about everything. when we were talking about sex we had is when i told him ii like doing it with underwear on, but he didnt have on boxers. he laughed and said "what kinda crazy shit is that" he didnt understand what difference it made. i really don't either. i guess i do, it just feels............. IDONT KNOW!! lmao. can yall explain it. it feels.... rushed, like we just cant wait for each other. he told me about a song saying "pull your panies to the side" he said that it was meant to be disrespectful. i guess thats why i like it. cause its dirty!!! lmao. cant remember that far back details of other parts of our conversation. cause we've had plenty of covoz since then. but i remember thinking how great it is to meet someone this great at a time like this in my life. ii told him everything that went down the night of the kick back. and all the things HLF said when we met up. anyhow
joseph asked me for a date and ii immediately said yes.
he wanted me to try jamacian food because on the phone we were talking about what we are mixed up with. he is part jamacian, i couldnt believe it because he is light. he told me his mom is dark she is half jamacian and half white and his dad is half black and half white. i didn't suspect that either. but when he took his hat of in the restaurant i could see the goodness of his hair. we gone have some cute kids guys! he never had cuban food. something im half of. so that what we are doing nex! in case your curious im a mut to LMAO cuban irish and black. probably a lot of other shit i don't know about.

ii didnt know what to order so i stuck with something ive heard a lot -jerk chicken- it was sooooo fucking good! he got some goat something. i was so scared to try it! it looked bomb as hell, the word GOAT threw me off. finally after some pleading, ii took a bit. im for sure going for that when we go back.

our next date was my shitt!! cuban food! ill save that date for the next post. cause some juciy shit went down. so after we ate we sat in his car and talked then we start making out. you know what that lead to. EXCEPT it was hard to get it crackin in his car (hondas) are small as shit. he asked about my spot. i said nooooooooooooo my mom is not having that shit! and he said his momz wouldnt either. thats the best fucking thing about HLF he had his own spot. joseph was saving up to move out. me. i plead the fith! lmao. so he offered a motel 6. ok i said. and we went. ii could believe he was about to spend 50 dollors on a room for one night just to do it. i was thrilled on the contrary.

we got in. ii thought it was not to shabby. he said the best thing in life. but first he said i wish i could of took you somewhere nicer. im not feeling this shit. we were so in a hot horny mess 20 minutes ago that we didnt care. he said "lets go" i was very confused. but ii questioned nothing. we went to a walmart down the way and he bought some candles a lighter, a cork screw, some flowers and some wine. i was FUCKED UP. ive never been treated like this. his total came up to $26.03 (i kept the reciept) he spent well over 100 dollars on me tonight for us. that was an embarrassing first.

when we got back we set everything up together. lit the candles put pedals everywhere all over the bed. he poured some wine into the plastic cups we found covered in plastic in the bathroom. we drank and drank and talked and talked. i start getting a lil tipsy. i was having a ball with him laughing and talking. but i was ready to do what grown people do. i was so thankful to have someone not just ready to fuck. he had a great time laughing. he's not soft but he knows how to treat a girl for real. so i got on top of him and start kissing him and unbottoning his pants. tipsy sex is the best shit. he was aggressive kissing. he start kissing my neck and the shit felt so good. once i had his pants unhooked stuck my hand in there. and rubbed his dick. i felt skin!!! he had the boxer hole!! lmao. at that point i couldnt wait for it, that shit turned me the fuck on. i crawled down to the edge of the bed pull his pants off. i stood up to take of my jeans. i crawled back on top of him. and grinded on his dick with our underwear on. pulled his dick out through the hole and slid my panies to the side and tapped his dick on my clit. i was soak'n wet. "put me in" he said. ii love those words. i got all the way on him kissed him and start working it in. once again my friends it was hard. so unfortunately he had to get on top. i want to be in control! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! at that time i was too horny to care. he worked it in slow. little stroked that built up until he was finally in all the way. i was ready to turn back around, but he wouldnt let me. ii lifted my legs up over his shoulders and he worked it right! that night was the shit! when he finally let me get on top, ii wanted to finally prove myself. ii'm a quick learn. the way to his cum is not fast. its slow and detailed!!!!!!! i was squeezing the shit out of my pussy every stroke up. i learned not to do the up and down with him. ii had to do the circular motion too. ii had him!!!!!!!!!!!!! slow and ii kept my rhythm. ii was literlly fucking counting, singing wondering what ii had to do the next day ANYTHING to keep my fucking mind from the fact that ii wanted to cum so bad. ii heard him moarning. he had his hands round my waist started to control my hips and fuck me from the bottom. eventually he flipped me over and did me missionary. he tounged me down so good. the thing he did that made me lose control is when he interlocked fingers with me and put them above my head. ii was at his mercy. then ii locked my feet around is back. we were sweating and he was moaning in my ear and ii in his. of coarse, ii was about to cum, and he was too. ii wanted to get back on top but he had my arms on lock. he moved faster when i told him ii was about to cume. he said a raspy slow "me too" BAM! came! all over the sheets! and few more quick strokes. he came. he rolled over and carried me with him. i was on top of him huffing and puffing. that shit was the shit.
i ended up calling my mother to tell her ii was spending the night at the BBF's. no questions asked.
we feel asleep.

ill finish up later guys.

Friday, July 31, 2009

i thought this may be fun.

when did you loose your virginity?

younger than twelve?
over 25
i haven't yet

View Results

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since i want to add pictures & stuff. i'll start with this shit.

this looks uncomfortable as hell. now. im into postitions hardcore
but im pretty petite. i feel like i might get crushed. what if his ass slip??
and short "friends" probably cant do this one. hahhaha.

here's the description:
this time with the man on top; the Brute can be one of the tougher man-on-top positions. It is not the easiest position to get into, but it does give the giver a sense of control and power that is absent or low in most positions. To get into this position, the giver squats over their partner (facing away) while resting on the back of their partner's legs, which are brought towards their chest to expose them at a unique angle. If the giver is comfortable with their balance, they can reach behind and under to give their partner some additional manual stimulation.
so. ive been lookin around @ other ppls blogg and there all purtty. so i was deciding posting pictures and stuff i like. music. adding widegets in stuff.
xcuse the lameness. ill try to put up different stuff. cuz going to ppls blogg and seeing the same ass stuff as someone elses is boring. ok. where do i start. im computer illiterate.

my life........ continued

well ya'll. juss read ya'll comments. thanks a bunch!! ii know my life is drama. && i juss so happened to create a blog right when this crap started. im glad u guys think its sounds like a novel! im just writing the events word for word. thats hot. ii do read a lot . so its probably apart of my writing nature.idk

i'll probaby make this quick (well try, ii usually think i'll write a short story and it comes out long as hell) but ii want to catch ya'll up. so me and HLF been going through the storm.............

the next day jospeh and ii woke up at 1 in the afternoon. and my request was granted. we did it. my shit was still pretty sore. but yall know joeseph. super gentle. it was hilarious cause we were both conscious about our morning breath. new relationships are bittersweet because with HLF.......... were like who cares. ii could be fucked up looking. the moment i opened my eyes and remembered joe was behind me. ii imediately went into -self conscious- mode and start squrming and rubbing my hair down. i guess he felt that and woke up. ii felt him start grinding into me. he was sleep still cause he was doing that to me in his sleep that night (well morning) i would half way wake up and feel it. lol!!! now that ii was woke. it made me wet. i crawled over him to the night stand where my BFF keeps her condoms. pulled one out and put it on my him. he was hard. i started to get on top and do the work but he patted my spot of the bed. and said a groggy whisper"lay back down" so i did. "turn back around" ii was damn confused. but i did as he said and layed back down on my side. he grabbed my waist and start grinding on my ass again. he put his hand under my ass and felt my wetness. he let on an "mmmmmmmm" like he didnt expect me to be wet. i felt him slowly inserting his dick in my pussy. i never did it like this before. i lefted my leg up to allow him better access. and he did short slow strokes and played with my clit. kissed my back. i felt him breathing on my back. that shit was great. once he woke fully up from the pleasure gabbed my thigh and held my leg up and made his strokes longer and harder.
one of my new favorite positions. the spooning position. :)*^&!!

what a great moring. so after we did it. we rested for about a half hour. until he got up and said "ii need get up out of here" ii hate those words but i understood. we talked about having a relationship and as if we went backwards. we exchanged numbers for the first time.
fast forward.
looked at my phone. had 12 missed calls 4 messages and 7 new text messages. and the little bubble indicating i have aims. that was a first for a single night. ii checked the missed calls first. one from my BFF lastnight. im sure it was before she knocked on her room door and found me. the next calls where all HLF. moved on to the text. "where the fuck or you" "why the fuck are you ignoring my calls" "i know you see me call'n u" "pick up your fucking phone" "why R u acting like a little ass girl" "this the last time im call'n" "fuck you then!" "its over" "im done with this bullshit" and yes 4 of thos calls where after his last text. 2 out of those 4 was that morning. ii called my mom to pick me up. when ii got home i feel asleep in front of the tv. heard my phone buzzing on the table. HLF. ii didnt want to answer. but ii unpurposely ignored him enough. ii said a sleepy hello and his ass went the fuck off! ii wish ii could remember what he was saying but ii was half sleep and he was yelling. ii just remember saying "just come over here and we could talk about it" "catch the bus over here" wTF? "i don't have time for your shit. when u feel like bringing your ass over here to talk or to pick me up then we'll continue. until then." and ii hung up. OH and btw he got the idea of me catching the bus cause when he car was in the shop for two weeks. i was catching the bus over his apt when ii didnt have a ride. bitch please. he had his nerve. i have never caught the bus when he had his car. when talking to HLF, i have to always keep in mind what he did cause he is a master manipulator and he will fuckin flip shit and ill end up feelin like im in the wrong. he did all that yelling and calling me a "kid" ........... did he forget that he was behind a fuckin car finger banging a bitch? im o so happy he did. ii would not have had the experience of a lifetime if he didnt. ii was still on cloud 9 his little attitude over the phone couldnt bring me down.
but yes. he eventually got to my ass. ii fell asleep after i hung up he called back 30 minutes later. and said "so you just gone hang up in my face and not call back?" LMAO. thats the purpose of hanging up. cause ii dont want to talk to you. "why would i want to call you back and ur cussing me out? did you fucking for get that you was finger banging that female behind the car?" "look im already on my way. ill be there in 10" WTF?? "ok" ya'll i fuckin sprinted to the bathroom. turned on the shower. while it got hot ii washed my face, brushed my teeth. hoped it. took a shower in fast forward !! lmao. threw lotion on my body followed by body spray. ran to my room looked out the window, he wasn't here yet. thew on some more leggings and a tee. ran back to the bathroom, brushed my hair into a ponytail with some mousse and a few sprays of body spray. (yes ii put body spray in my hair. lol. put on a little make up and heard my mom calling my name. SHIT. he was here. went in my room slipped on my sandles. and ran for the door. ii should have taken my precious time. iim so used to not making HLF wait cause he hates it to no end.

got in his car. no words. he didnt speak i didnt either. we rode like that the whole fucking way to his apt. when we got there. he hopped out his car. hurried up the stairs. basically left me. wtf? by the time i closed my side of the car door good he was half way up the stairs. ii walked slow. smh head in confusiion. am i gonna have to be the bigger person here? shit. yo ass wanna talk. not me. me personally would have waited til tomorrow. sleep on that shit. so anyhow. when ii made it to his apt. the door was open. and he wasnt on the coach like ii expected. i closed the door sat down and heard him say. "you thirsty" shit scared me. cause ii didnt even notice the refrigerator door opened. and him standing behind it. "yea" i really wasnt but ii didnt want my "no" to seem like ii was being rude. so he pulled out two cans of sprite and came to the couch and set down on the opposite end of the coach. i guess he was following me lead. cause usually i sit dead in the middle and we sit there together.

moving along. "so?" he said
i said..."so what? you wanted to talk"
"where were you last night"
"i spent the night" i answered
"where you think?"
"i didnt see you nowhere"
"where were you at lastnight?"
"WTF you mean where was i at? i brought my ass home" he said. ii didn't doubt that because he would'nt have been calling me as he did if he were with that slut bag. "oh ii thought you and that girl would of finished what you guys started" "What the hell? finish what?" thats right.go dumb. "you know what. im not gonna sit here and play with you. ii came out side. looked under your car and saw you and her and you where finger banging her. tell me you wasnt?" he was silent. "matter fact you cant tell me you wasn't, cause i saw you. no point in denying it." he was quiet. "what you gotta say? you wanted to talk... so talk?" "i was wrong for that" quiet. "was you with the homie?" OH NOW HE THE HOMIE!! "why you say that?" thinking.thinking..... oh shit "ii saw ya'll talkin. then when i was lookin for you. you and him were no were too be found" FUCK. (man up) "im not gone lie. once i saw yall. i was anry as fuck so i went to chill with him upstairs." "ya'll do something?" i shook my head up and down. "what ya'll do?" quiet "tell me?" i shrugged my shoulders "what the fuck yall do!!!" he yelled that one. "it?" me...... "you know what. it really dont matter. you said the shits over. you started this shit in the first place." then he said "all that translates to is i fucked him and i cant be a woman and say it" "yep"... i said he looked at me like i was crazy. "are you forreal?" "yea" he looked at me like ii was crazy again. "are you seeeerious?" i shooked my head up and down. he looked like somebody punched him in his gut. "i was really joking when i said that. thats fucked up" "this whole situation is fucked up" "damn, i cant believe you!! you a hoe now?" i said sarcasticly..."yea ima hoe now" then i said "if ima hoe what the fuck is yo ass? lets not forget you fuckin fucked around with a girl right im fuckin face. you bastard. fuckin hiding from me like a kid. i would never pull no bull shit like that" ................. and i went on and on. cussing him out. we ended up yelling all in eachother face until he told me to get out. ii went outside called my mom with tears streaming down my face.

fucked up right?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

part 3.

ii was finished. icame. ii was done with it. except he didnt cum. shxxt!!!!! i have 2 fullfill my duties as a woman && give this boy my best. becos ii recieved the fuck out of his. ii was worked thouugh. ii just wanted a glass of water && a samich. lmao. in this situation, ii would just give head. give him some bomb ass head. to let my pussy rest. but not in this situation. we wasnt even like that (yet). ii know some of yall reading this shit like bitch, u fucking him, u might as well do it. however; for some strange reason. thats difficult for me. ii have to be comfortable with a guy. && plus this whole idea of fuckin someone ii really dont know all that good was new within it self.
ii took a 3o second break to recoop. then ii got on top of him. ii planned on fuckin him fast && strong for a few minutes until he busted. shit, we was already fucking for a long ass time before i came. not the case. his ass was a fuckin stallion. (ii need this in my life always!!!). i was riding. && riding. && before ii knew it. my ass was about to cum a fuckin gin!!! that shit felt so amazing. ii was going for blood until i fell into complete oblivion. my thighs where tight. my pussy clinched. my heart was beating fast. i never had sex this good and this long ever. ii was not about to give up. cause ii heard that fucker was moaning. ii love to hear a boy moan. ii began to ride it slow. his dick was so fuckin hard. my walls were sesitive. every stroke sent waves of ecstacy. ii was loud as hell ya'll. ii was grinding all over his dick. i had to slow up cause i didn't want to come again. he pulled me down and wrapped his arms around me and fucked me good from the bottom. ii was excited cause this was a sign of him taking control cause he was about to cum. ii was trying to hang on && burry my face in his neck to drown out my moans. why in the hell did that fucker whisper. "let me hit it from the back" WTF? u aint about to come yet? ii guess ii wasn't going to ride him to the point of no return. ii really wanted it to be my riding to make him come. he was trying to put it on me and keep me hooked. and at that moment ii was thinking ii need to have this dick in my life. ii could do this every other day. im sprung. off his dick. not him. but im sure that coming. thats why im not really sad over HLF yet the best way to get over some one. is with someone else. although ive been crying at night. only when ii put my mind to it. so back to the subject matter.

ii silently fulfilled his request and got on my knees. he got up and i was thinkin where is he going. his control freak ass moved me to the edge so he could stand up. ii loved this take charge shit. he put it in and stroked me so deep and slow. he wasnt doing the norm in and out he was swirling that shit around. he drove me fuckin crazy that night. ii start backing that shit up cause ii wanted to make him cum. "R u going to cum 4 me?" i asked backing it up. ii threw my game face on, and focused on him. i start contacting my pussy. and backing it up hard. i was going to make him cum if it was the last thing i did. ii turned around and his head was back. up faceing the ceiling. ii wanted to smile. but i couldnt shake the fucked up sex face. his dick was a master. i wanted to fall on my elbows so bad. but ii knew i had him. "im bout to cum" magic words! ii was about to too. took his hands off my back and put them around my waist and took back controll. we were going fast i felt my orgasm on edge . he let on the "oh shit" and came. i hurried and rubbed my pussy let out a small amount of squirt.

ii took the condom off his dick. cum got on my hands. ii didnt give a fuck. i felt like ii was in love. he fell on the bed. ii peeped out the door. complete darkness. i ran my naked butt to the bathroom. wrapped up the condom in a wad of tissue and threw in the trash. washed my hands. and my pussy.
as ii ran back to the room. ii swear ii heard a moan. ii wasnt the only one getting it!!!!!!!
when ii got back in his eyes where closed. his naked body looked good. ii wasnt even sleepy. i ii was so excited could of played jump on the bed. lmao. ii layed beside him. and whispered in his ear "you spending staying over?" he was sleep. ii put his ass to bed! "huh" he said. ii kissed his face a bunch of times. ii couldnt controll my infactuation and lust for him. ii was so happy with him. "are you going to spending the night?" "can ii?" "you can if you want to" "ii will if you want me to" "i want you too" shit by that time it was about 3a.m.
ii went to turn off the lights. we got under the cover and he put his arms around me. ii backed my ass up into him and he start whispering in my ear. he told me how he loved how my pussy felt. and how he needs to lock me down. iin one moment ii was like FUCK YEA! and before i knew it, ii thought about how fucked up my life was at the moment. a tear rolled down my face. SHIT. not now. and unconciously i fuckin sniffled. then wiped my tears. "are you crying" FUCK!! ii hate showing weakness. and theres nothing worse than crying after fucking. it takes away from it. ii didnt want to ruin his night with my bullshit. this fucker turned me around to face him. kissed my eyelids and said "dont let it get u down" then he kissed my lips. i cld feel my tears on his lips. ii was soooooo not used to this sweet shit. HLF would have said something like "damn!! dont do this shit right now" LOL. then comfort me. the moans and groans first, then the comfort. its unwanted after that shit. so anway he start kissing me. then with a little tongue. took my mind straight off it. we start making out. his damn kisses. i had forgotten how good they were. then we start laughing and talking about the sex we just had. joking about faces. that shit was funny. ii wanted to turn the light back on!!! we talked and laughed some more. ii told him how he worked my shit. ii told him my pussy was sore. lol. this mutherfucker crawled under the cover to eat my pussy! "what are you doing?" he responded "im a make it feel better" ii was thinking it needs a break. but ii didnt want to say no. ii was brand new to him. so ii didnt really know how to say ii dont want it. but ii was to caught up in how he wanted nothing more than to please me. he put his head between my legs and ii lefted my legs up. he kissed it so gently. licked it so soft. then tongued it with the slightest sucks. it sent chivers through my spine. he licked it somemore. it was so surreal cause ive never had anything like this. all this gentle shit. my pussy was wet. again. but i knew i was ready yet. although i wanted to. my body was weak. and as if he knew my body better than me. he gave it one last kiss and began kissed up my belly. FUCKER! he had me eating out the palm of his hand. ii wanted to suck the shit of his dick. but i still controled my hunger. and need to please him. i asked him whats his fucking problem treating me so fucking delicate. trying to please me and shit. "your trying to get me sprung huh?" "now why would ii want to do that?" jokes. ii had to kiss his lips. taste me. "we fucking first thing in the morning"

do yall wanna hear about that?it was kind of interesting. or should i skip straight to the drama with H-exL-F?

well that was the close of his part. ya'll are so right. ii deserve this type of treatment. love yall comments. they help. im about to go read yall shit. show my love. call joseph and carry my ass to bed. he dont get off for another 40 minutes (10 O'clock) to be exact. so im spending it with ya'll posts. by lovies.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Life According to JAMIE FOXX

so i was tagged (extremely happy about that)
by keisha
and also by kel'sye mykie

im a dumb blonde. so i really didn't know how to make links. *ditz*

Instructions: Using only song titles from ONE ARTIST OR BAND, answer these questions. Pass it on to 12 people and include me. You can't use the artist or band I used. Do not repeat a song title. Re post as "My Life According to (ARTIST OR BAND NAME)". . .Everybody doing Females imma do a MALE.!! LOL. (me too!!!)
Pick Your Artist: Jamie Foxx

Are you a male/female?:
"cover girl"

Describe Yourself: "unpredictable"

How do you feel: "i dont need it"

Describe where you currently live: "VIP"

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: "warm bed"

Your favorite form of transportation: "street walker" hahaha

Your best friend is: "just like me"

Your favorite color is: "i don't know"

What's the weather like: "rain man"

Favorite time of the day: "love brings change"

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: "extravaganza"

What is life to you: "intuition"

Your relationships: "storm"

Your fear: "overdose"

What is the best advice you have to give?: "blame it!!!"

If you could change your name, you would change it to: "heaven"

Thought for the Day: "she got her own"

How I would like to die: "with you"

My soul's present condition: "freakin me"

i love jamie! both his albums are incredible

i tag:
Jimi Warhol, chocolate girl, jasmyn, simone_dior

its over.

today is fuck'd up.
hLF && ii got into the last fight.
ive been dealing with this shxxt
thats y ii haven't finished part 3.
its still in a draft. FUCK!
today is not good guys.
bittersweet to say the least.
i'll post the arguement when ii finish part three.

oh && thanks to my new followers! iim greatful to have you. ii will go follow you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

sorry guys, its taking forever. word for word pt2!

yeah?? ?????? ?? ????? ii blurted out.

ii had to cover joes mouth with my hand. it was my BFF lukily. ii was so relieved as fuck ya'll . "R u by yourself?" ii asked her through the closed door. she said yes. so i told joe i'll "brb" . "Y u keep leaving me?" OMG he was so fuckin sexy! ii told him that ii would b quick. ii went into the hallway. closed the door behind me. just incase HLF decided to come up. she asked me what happened & told me that he was looking for me. ii told her what he'd done. the quick short version. ii told her i had company in her room. hahaha. she laughed and said "what yall doing" "nothing. we R just talkin" "he fine as hell girl. you sure you not doing nooooothin" lol. "with that bullshit ass shit i saw, & the mixed up ass emotions im feeling right now, i might. cause his game is on POINT" she laughed "shit im about to get into some shit" she told me her boyfriend been trying to get some all night. ii was wishing she'd quit talkin i was horny and angry at the same fuckin time. i just had to choose which emtion i wanted to deal with. and horny was winning the tug of war. she said "damn, me and d bout to hit up my moms room when i kick every one out" gross ii thought. but i couldnt complain because im positive her room was her first option. "girl do yo thing, just tell HLF ii left!!!!." ii new something was about to happen. so peeped back in ii told joe. i have to use the bathroom and to lock the door. he looked at me with the WTF face. give me two seconds. on my way to the bathroom ii thought of HLF. & if i was making a mistake with joe. because ii have major feelings for HLF. & ii knew we were going to do something. but that shit was fucked up. you fuck with a girl in the same facinity as me? in my fuckin face? and try to hide from me. but that day joe and the alcohol helped surpress those feelings. cause normally i would be cussing yelling and fuckin that bitch up. alcohol makes me horny. and thats all ii needed. and seeing HLF kissing her neck and watching his arm move in that suggestive in and out motion and hearing her moans, made me angry. but on the way to the bathroom, it made me horny. "yep, it was the alcohol" ii grabbed a towel cloth in the closet next to the bathroom. i took a quick vigina wash up. i wanted to be good good. ii felt sticky. i had a ton of dried up wetness in my underwear. i just took them off. put back on my leggings. and slid my feet back in my heels grabbed my panties, stuck them in the back of my leggings, and rushed back to joe.

ii knocked a million little knocks. lmao "open up"

"so where were we?" i asked him
Joseph: so whats going on?
me: nevermind that shit.
Joseph: tell me.............whats going on with you and him?
me: i dont really want to talk about it right now. and ii know you dont either.
Joseph: ii really do........ not. hahaa. right now. but ii do want you know ii can be there for you
ii peck him on the lips and smiled.
me: right now i want to talk about me and you.
Joseph: me too
me: so where did we leave off
Joseph: i told you ii could make your pussy feel good
then he whispered it in my ear. and said "want me to make it feel good"
ii giggled and shied away. ii was scared to say fuck YEA! ii was thinking R you gone eat it, no strings attaced????? LMAO hells YEA!! grubb up!!!!!!!
so he guides my chin to his lips, so we could kiss. he kissed me so slow and passionate that was totally a different experience for me. every time a guy kisses me its fast a passionate. or a peck. two options. omfg. ii could have came from the way tongue kissed me. guys, im really into kissing. it was so soft and dilectable. not wet and sloppy. ii never wanted it to end. i looked him in his eyes " you want to make me feel good?" "yep"

ii layed down face up. and grabbed his head for another one of those kisses. ( i really wanted him to get on top of me because ii love kissing that way, but ii didnt want to insinuate sex, although ii wanted it. cause i was NOW in the mood. but iive never had sex with a dude that ii don't really noe well). after he stopped. he said.
Me: you kiss good
Joseph: can i kiss your pussy?
me: you want to kiss my my pussy?
he bit his lips and sqinted real sexy and said he wanted to taste it.
my heart sped. ii was nerves and extremely wet. with the way he kissed me. ii know he would work my shit.
he got on top of me. kissed me for a long ass time. slow and good. he was so into his kisses. wht a great kisser. usually i would be thinking. move the fuck a long. do the damn thing. my pussy is waiting.! lmao. but ii couldnt concentrate on nothing but the way he kissed me. he started kissing my neck and up to my ear again. eeeeeeeek! i was dripping. he spent the perfect amount of time touching me, caressing me and making every sense in my body come alive. my mind was dizzy like never ever before. his hand was under my shirt feeling all over. "take your shirt off" he whispered in my ear. we set up and he scooted me to the edge of the bed and ii lifted up my shirt over my head. the moment it was off. i noticed his waist was in my face. and his dick was right in there. ii wanted to feel his dick so bad. ii wanted to feel how big it was. ii could tell i was hard but ii wanted to touch it so fuckin bad. yet, ii held back. ii wanted him to be in control. he unattched my bra and he layed me back down and crawled back on top of me. my heart was pumping. "your beautiful" ..............he tells me that everytime he see's me, but this time im sure he was talking to my tits. lmao. he kissed each of them softly. ii dont know about ya'll. but ii loved to get my tits sucked and kissed and licked. thats the very best way to get my horny. the guys im use too, havent kissed me the way joseph did. so iim usually ready for them to tongue my nipples instead of my face. he licked around my nipple a few times and then put it in his mouth. OMFG. he was so gentle. ii never in all my being had that approach before. im use to aggression. and i thought aggression was the best thing ever. shiiiiiiiit!! was ii wrong. this was on some other shit. he had my body begging. i swear that was the best i ever had. and we wasnt even fuckin yet. ii had decided at that point we was fuckin. fuck rules. he did the other breast. and i thought that was the shit cause HLF would forget about the other one all the time. he start kissing downward. and he did the funniest thing. you know how you tickle babies stomach with your face? he did that!!!!! it tickled me so good. ii was laughing so hard. ii wasnt expecting that!! it was great. it broke some of my nerves. he laughed too. when he did that, it caused me to lift my legs around his neck from laughing. ] before ii could put them back down. he grabbed them signaling to leave them. he did the tickle thing to my pussy. wow. slower though. that shit was too good. and mind you, ii had on leggings with no panties. so ii felt his nose and mouth on my clit directly. eeeek! what the fuck is this guy doing to me! it was all new. slow and more inteansed than aggression. i made a mental note of that shit. he put my pussy in his mouth (through my leggings) and blew warmth. omg. my pussy was throbbing. and screaming. he teased me good as ever. he took off my peep toe heels, then he pulled my down off my leggings and my panties fell out. lol. he picked them up and gave me WTF eyes. lol. "long story" i said. he scooted me all the way to the edge and lifted my feet up to the bed. he kissed my pussy. and slid his finger through the middle. "pretty pussy" he said. he licked the same line he drew down the middle. and kissed it ever so gently again. he is a teaser to no end. fucker. then he went for it. he sucked my clit and flicked his tongue on it at the same time. he licked and sucked and tongue kissed my pussy. he ate it like it was a delicacy. he kept a rhythm. some guys be all over the place with that shit. they dont know what the fuck they're doing. he did. that shit felt so good. ii start grinding my pussy against his mouth. this is the best head ive ever head in my life. he changed motions at the right time. he really knew when ii was on the verge cause he slowed. fucker. ii remember him putting his finger inside me and rubbing my g-spot. when he put two in. my hips where pumping & grinding. ii lasted about three more minutes after that. ii squirted all over my friends bed and floor. ii shook hard. and screamed. and had a fuckin tear rolling down the side of my face. after ii came down and realized it. ii was embarrased a little bit because ive never shook that hard before. ii wiped that tear fast as hell. ii hate letting boys know what they do to me. ii grabbed a pillow and put it over my face. he took it off. and kissed me. ii loved to taste my pussy on lips. i dont know. its a turn on. even i barley taste anything. i know he just finished eating my pussy and me kissing that, is sexy. i kissed him this time. a little harder. with more intensity. the kind of kiss that told him ii wanted to return the favor. but ii wasnt going down on him. ii need to know him a litte better. ii wanted to return the cumming favor. "you have a condom?" he pulled one from his wallet. a magnum. YES! you know what that means. at that moment ii realized ii was butt ass naked and he was fully clothed. ii put my naked ass on top of him and said "you want me?" he shook his head and did that sexy look thing. ii yanked his belt. ii was in control. unbottoned his pants. yanked his pants off. he lifted off his shirt. "take that off too" i said. referring to his wifey. his chest was nice. he didnt have on boxers so ii couldn't put it threw the hole. sex with underwear. my favorite. yikes. no problem. ii didnt have on underwear either. ii pulled off his drawers. ( btw, he didnt have on tidey whiteys either. it was those tight cotton boxer thingys. they're mostlikely boxers too. OH, briefs? i think those are what they call them. who cares? back to the story.) ii pulled those off. and his dick flung out!!!!! it was nice and fuck. smooth. thick. ii think HLF is longer. but his was thick. my eyes lit up and ii think he noticed because he said "you like it?" ii just smiled. ii wanted to see what it tasted like badly. but ii still opted against that. ii grabbed it & put the condom on. omg it was so hard. after ii got it on ii slapped it against my clit. boy was ii wet. what ii was doing was trying to tease him, like he did me. it didnt work. ii was extremely anxious to put it in. ii got on top. ii tried to put it in. it was 2 big. ii was trying to work it in, the head was in. as ii was trying to work it in more, he grabbed me and flipped me over. gott on top. he worked it in. slow. every stroke he got in deeper. his shit was big! ii underestimated it. he was opening me the fuck UP! it hurt a little but that was the most pleasurable pain ive ever had. how wet ii was made it easier. after a ton of "getting in" strokes he finally all the way in. ii was moan a shit storm. omfg. ii wish ii could rewind it. and be taken back to that moment right now.
he moved slow and sensual. he fucked me like he was in love wit me. ii wanted to scream. but all ii could do was wimper. lmfao. ii tried 2 control my moans whenever ii was able to think. but that was hardly possible. this extra slow shit was amazing. iit was weird because it felt so good that ii wanted to speed up. but iit felt so fuckin good that ii couldn't move. it felt as if every stroke ii got 10 times more pleaser than if he was pounding me. ii felt every thing this way. but my hips were grinding all by themselves. they wouldnt let me keep his rhythm. "patience baby" he whispered in my ear. that comment gave me the beginning of a orgasm. it was comming. ii tried to refuse myself of coming. because ii wanted to be in control. he was controling the fuck out of me. i gyrated my hips hard against his dick. fuck his rhythm ii about to cum. this fucker held down my waist. and lifted on his knees. grabbed the head board with one and held my waist with the other. and road the shit out of my ass. ii think ii was screaming. remember this is a little embarrassing. ii dont like to be loud. ii didnt want him to know he could do that to me. but i could control myself nor my screams. i was about to come so hard. i felt the tingling in my toes and my brain got cloudy and i came. HARD. ii had to lift up and grab his neck and put pressure on my pussy with is pelvic. ii could feel his dick under me. i grinded on is pelvic. until the orgasms stopped. i hugged him so tight. ii never had this reaction before. OMFG.

okay ya'll. my shit is wet writing this. tmi: i have to go do something about that. i already started the next part. but ii'll copy and paste it in the next post.
enjoy. this was the best, but still the worst weekend ever.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my weekend drama" pt 1 in full detail. word for word.

okay. friday nite. like always me and my homie lover friend kicked it. got into some heavy love making. we also kicked it alot durning the week which is crazy cause he couldnt seem to stay away from me. ii havent hung around him this much b4. ya'll i really want (ed) to make him my boyfriend. but check this madness out GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


what a fuckin weekend. so saturday nite we held a kick back at my bestfriends house cause her parents were out of town. it was about 15 of us total. we ordered pizza and made a liqour store run. before ii start with the story all of these ppl know the deal with me and my homie lover friend (HLF) for short ( that boy ii speak on in my blogs ) we openly flirt & at one of his kick backs we hooked up ( went all the way ) for the first time. so they all pretty much know where its at. they don't now we did it. but they noe something.
..back to da storee @ hand..
after laughs, jokes pzza, smokin & drinking we're all toasted tipsy if not drunk and having a good ass time. ii saw HLF was flirtin with the home girl. she not exactly my home girl she just THE home girl. big ass difference. but she already know whats up with me & him. so since they were talkin a too much 4 my liking, ii went over there too stop the madness. (btw they're in the livingroom with another hardcore couple who obviously wanted to get away from the party in the den area ) so get up walk into the livingroom & ii give him a hug and whisper in his ear that ii want him. this bitch {him} kisses my ear, smiles, winks & continue talkin. WTF. at this point im mad steamed . I went back to the couch & start flirtin with the homie that ii know really likes me but ii still kept getting up peeking @ HLF. THE suppose to be home girl kept being all touchy feely. laughing all xtra hard and shit. smfh. bitch.
to make the matter worse, he never came back in the den or even looked in there for that matter. so my flirting was useless. AND the couple that was in there too walked past the den to go to the patio. WHAT! these fuckers are by themselves? ii needed to work up some nerve to go back, so ii took a shoot. having a HLF is so difficult because im not suppose to have feelings. well, jealous feelings. so i get up. & by the slowness and slight dizzyness ii could tell that im a little past tipsy. ii go up to them one last time. these bitches moved to the couch were the other couple were cuddled up at.
"excuse you two............... (look at him) damn can ii have a minute"

"why you got a attitude?" he said. i mean mugged him for like 5 seconds
WTF!!!!! so ii flipp him off.
idoit. i had no time for his games. we just fucked the day b4 and he's 30 minutes into a conversation with this sqeeezer. fuck him.

ii stormed out the front door. ii wasn't ready to go back to the den area to have finish my convo with the other dude. ii had to blow off this steam. ii felt a little better to hear HLF follow me out. well now that ii think about it, it. if he wanted to hit this shit again he had better. so he start hugging me telling me that they're friends and we were just talking. nothng big he claimed. w.e. "when ii tried to talk to you. you blew me off," i told him. "ii didnt know it was that serious" was his answer. ii told him"when are you going to spend time with me. ii came here to be with you" (idiot). ii was happy to hear him say "now baby" "stop talking to her. that was enough for tonight, okay" he teased me "aww you dont like it?" what the fuck do you think einstien?

we walk back in. ii guess she got tired of waiting and moved to the den with everyone else. as soon as we walked in this bitch is mean mugging me. can you believe it? smfh. ii didnt care. ii was way happy to finally have him to myself. it was one seat on the couch and he sat down and patted his legs for me to sit on his lap. smiles. everything was good we were laughing passing the dro with the other homies. ii even leaned back to get comfortable. the homies started to "whoooooo hooooo" and laugh at us. cause we never show too much public affection since we are not official we usualy snuck off & shitt. PLUS we didnt what all the drama and questions. which this night started turning into anyway. we where laughing at them. no big deal. but the "home girl" bitch went outside to the patio the moment they start teasing us. smiles. thats what you get bitch. so we chilled and the boys start acting stupid. two of them start wrestling. you know. dumb as boys. ii kissed him in the midst off the maddness because they were paying us no mind. it felt so good. they wrestled all the way outside. so HLF got up with the rest of them to see better and egg it on. ii wanted to go out and see them fight so i went out there for a minute. but went inside. i didnt care to see that dumb shit. unless it was HLF actually out there wrestling. but that'll never happen, he thinks he's too fly to wrestle and mess up his clothes. good thinkin. most of them are like that. but put a few drinks in them. its murder she wrote.
back to the story
they were fighting for what felt like an hour. ii refused to stay out there. and i was tispy so all i wanted to do was sit my ass down. ii only peeped a few times. ii was okay with the small crowd i was with. which consisted of my BFF the guy who likes me, (oops i left him hanging) and two others that were standing by the door. so the dude that likes me, (let me tell you about him for a minute) he's cool with HLF but he's a friend of one of HLF friends. he reminds me of HLF because of his style. he always wears baseball caps. dresses really fly. he's not as cute and he's lighter. which is not a plus in my book. HLF is a beautiful chocolate brown.

so aanywho a few of the dudes came back in so i guess the fight was over by their conversation "yo, you kicked his ass" "nah n***** he had you pinned down for a long ass time" blah blah. so im waiting for HLF to bring his ass back in. ii got up and acted like i was getting more to drink too peep out there and of coarse he's talking to THAT BITCH! im steamed.steamed. steamed out of my mind. so if he wanted to play those games. ii was about to go into full flirt mode. no more misses short answers with this fine ass dude that's trying to talk to me everytime ii see him and all that night. he was on the lazy boy chair thing next to the couch and ii sat on the edge of the couch next to him.... the conversation went like this:

( lets call him........... fuck it, ii could think of a name. his name is joseph lmao. )

Me: so Joe .. u got a girlfriend?
Jospeh: oh now you want to be my friend again.
Me: (laughing) what are you talking about we are friends
Joseph: we was in the middle of a damn conversation and you bailed on me
Me: im sorry you forgive me?
Joseph: maybe. but nah, i aint got no girlfriend
Me: your too cute not to have a girl
Joseph: ii mean, ii have friends, but the one ii want to be my girl aint trying to get wit me. ii think she got a man
Me: damn that sucks.
Joseph: ii see you got a boyfriend though
Me: nah, the one ii want to be my boyfriend aint tryna get wit me.
Jospeh: well he out his mind
Me: all smiles. ( the boys were really loud so i could barely hear. they were getting roalled up again.)
Joseph: cause if ii was him. id keep u satisfied
Me: ( giggles ) huh? you nasty.
Joseph: not like that. just make you happy.
Me: thats so sweet. ( i turned on my sexy) i like being satisfied though (sipping my drink... trust. i needed it)
Jospeh: how you like being satisfied?
Me: why? you think you could satisfy me?
Joseph: yup. (confidently)
Me: how.
Jospeh: ii could show you better than ii could tell you.
Me: ( that got me hot as hell ) tell me.
Joseph: c'mere let me tell you......
Me: ( leans in )
he gave me the hottest ear kiss lick thing that honestly made my pussy wet as hell.
Me: all smiles. and giggles. "that was nice"
( i peeped around to see who saw that. and too my surpised, they were back outside fighting. idiots. )
Him: you didnt even let me tell you
Me: ( leans in again cause im dumb ) (he did it again excpt i enjoyed it a little longer ) you are crazy! but that feels good as hell.............
Him: it feels good in other places

WHOOOOAAAA! stop the madness.. he was a freak. we flirted b4 and earlier that night. but this was hardcore. we both was alchoholed up, but man. he was turning me on. ii'm sure i missed a lot of the bomb shit he was saying word for word.. but he had me hot ii was a giddy girl at that point. he took my mind so far off the situation on the patio. (momentarily though)

me: what other places?
Him: let me show you.... ( whooooooaaa.. he was GOOD at this shit. his comebacks were sexy as fuck. that line. made me want to get SOME. ) that got me back on HLF.

me: ii need another drink. brb.

as you know that was my excuse to get up to go to the kitchen, so i could look through the sliding glass doors.

THEY WERE GONE! i paniced. i thought i was tripping because EVERYBODY was outside and maybe i was just overlooking. so i went out there and saw my BFF cuddled up with her boyfriend. i asked her has she seen HLF.
"he was still talking to the tramp the last i saw of him" so i ran back in, told joseph wait a second.. went to the front past the living room.. they weren't in there either... i looked outside, his car was still here. ii ran upstairs. opened my bestfriends room. no one. looked over to the guess room, the door was closed. ii slowly tried to open it. LOCKED. i held my ear to the door. i could hear anything. my heart was beating so fuckin fast. fuck it. i knocked on the door. no answer. ii banged on the door. i heard a female yell "WHAT" so ii knocked again. mad as FUCK. to my relieving surprise. it was my bestfriends sister fergie. ( her name is jenifer but we call her fergie lol) i was happy, but still. where the fuck is he. ii apologized and ask "have you seen HLF" "yea he's outside with kim... are you mad?" whatever. ii didnt even answer. i ran back downstairs to go to the patio, but something told me to check the front again. ii opened the front door. & looked around. ii heard a noise. so crept slowly toward his car. ii could see in his front window & no 1 was in there. as ii moved closer. ii heard low voices. ii kneeled down & saw what looked like 2 people sitting down between cars. so ii got closer. (a bitch was on her hands and knees ya'll ) ii slowly peeped around the car. they wasn't doing anything. but she had her big ass head on his shouder. her leg was on his . WTF. ii moved back & sat there trying to listen in. ii heard what i thought was a moan so ii peeped again. his back was kinda turnt so ii couldnt see, but that bitch moaned again. this fucker had his hand in her pussy. his arm was moving like he was finger banging her. then he start kissing her neck. she put her hand around his neck and let out a real moan. i backed up. close call. luckily her eyes were closed.
i wanted to pop up and ruin their party, but ii already felt like a stalker on my hands and knees. so i crawled back to where it was safe to stand. ran up to the door and slammed the shit out of it. and a second later his dumb ass popped up.
"whats up?" he yelled
"wTF are you doing?" "nothing" as he start scrambling his way towards me. her scary ass never got up "stay there. ii already know you with that BITCH" (ii yelled bitch.) that bitch still didnt budge "what are you talkin about ii came out here to get some air" LO(MF)L.
"whatever. continue to finger BANG that slut bag ii saw YOU so dont lie, i dont care anymore" ii hurried inside and locked the door. a few seconds later he's trying to open probably with his disease infested hand.

i ran in the den, joseph was (what looked like ) sleep so i said "c'mon"
ii took him upstairs before HLF made his way around through the back. ii took him to my bestfriends room. "lets finish where we started" ii wanted to forget what i just saw. ii wasn't ready to feel hurt or mad or angry. ii just wanted to get the butterflies that i tried to rid myself of before ii saw what i saw. ii wanted to get the dried up juices in my panties wet again. fuck HLF.

Jospeh: you okay?
me: so what was you saying about something feeling good in other places
Joseph: hahaha!! just like ii said.
i layed down on the bed and told him to join me. ii let go of my rules. at that point i was on some ii dgaf shit. he layed next to me.
Me: so you gone tell me joe?
Joseph: tell you what
Me: you talk all this shit and cant say it
Joseph: why you acting like you dont know what im talking about
Me: cause ii dont.
and he whispered in my ear. "i could make your pussy feel good"

WHOOOOAAA.... i knew what he meant. but i wanted to hear him say yet.
Me: laughing


this is a great place to stop. i'll continue at work.. my mind is still playing out the events of the weekend. it was horrible and great at the same time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

guess what guys

I put new batteries in my vibrater and the shxt went
LOL! I forgot it had that much power. i guess i used it so much b4 that it was slow but since
ii haven't had to use it too lately, i forgot how it felt.

I'm currently working on a bomb ass story of my weekend for ya'll. iit was crazy.
its taking for ever to write.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

happy b-day babe.

My homie lover friend b-day is arriving next month on the 25th & ii have yet 2 even think of what i'm going 2 do.

What the fuck do men like!

He dresses fly, yet he's a picky little fuck, so clothes maybe out of the question. He thinks he's so cool.  Perhaps ii'll check a label after we "hump" {} & his tee is thrown across the room. or his jeans. or maybe is boxers. they look nice. 

OMFG! i figured it out underwear! that ii could take OFF!

 Style 4415PAC

how about these spiffy things from american apparel. ii think he;d burn up these. in my face!!!!
I'm pulling out my hair all ready! ii don't want to do way to much only because he's not really my boyfriend. however ii don't want to do too little because we are more than friends.
you guys are wonderful!! WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAS. OR PAST GIFTS GIRLIES. He loves music. BUT. thats a dead in! i would love to be creative, but thats just not me.  ii have no problem with trying. YIKESS!!  dinner!! AHHHHA!!! that would be cool as hell. ii way too scared to do that. what if its disgusting and burnt? or uncooked thoroughly! YIKES YIKES!!