Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my weekend drama" pt 1 in full detail. word for word.

okay. friday nite. like always me and my homie lover friend kicked it. got into some heavy love making. we also kicked it alot durning the week which is crazy cause he couldnt seem to stay away from me. ii havent hung around him this much b4. ya'll i really want (ed) to make him my boyfriend. but check this madness out GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


what a fuckin weekend. so saturday nite we held a kick back at my bestfriends house cause her parents were out of town. it was about 15 of us total. we ordered pizza and made a liqour store run. before ii start with the story all of these ppl know the deal with me and my homie lover friend (HLF) for short ( that boy ii speak on in my blogs ) we openly flirt & at one of his kick backs we hooked up ( went all the way ) for the first time. so they all pretty much know where its at. they don't now we did it. but they noe something.
..back to da storee @ hand..
after laughs, jokes pzza, smokin & drinking we're all toasted tipsy if not drunk and having a good ass time. ii saw HLF was flirtin with the home girl. she not exactly my home girl she just THE home girl. big ass difference. but she already know whats up with me & him. so since they were talkin a too much 4 my liking, ii went over there too stop the madness. (btw they're in the livingroom with another hardcore couple who obviously wanted to get away from the party in the den area ) so get up walk into the livingroom & ii give him a hug and whisper in his ear that ii want him. this bitch {him} kisses my ear, smiles, winks & continue talkin. WTF. at this point im mad steamed . I went back to the couch & start flirtin with the homie that ii know really likes me but ii still kept getting up peeking @ HLF. THE suppose to be home girl kept being all touchy feely. laughing all xtra hard and shit. smfh. bitch.
to make the matter worse, he never came back in the den or even looked in there for that matter. so my flirting was useless. AND the couple that was in there too walked past the den to go to the patio. WHAT! these fuckers are by themselves? ii needed to work up some nerve to go back, so ii took a shoot. having a HLF is so difficult because im not suppose to have feelings. well, jealous feelings. so i get up. & by the slowness and slight dizzyness ii could tell that im a little past tipsy. ii go up to them one last time. these bitches moved to the couch were the other couple were cuddled up at.
"excuse you two............... (look at him) damn can ii have a minute"

"why you got a attitude?" he said. i mean mugged him for like 5 seconds
WTF!!!!! so ii flipp him off.
idoit. i had no time for his games. we just fucked the day b4 and he's 30 minutes into a conversation with this sqeeezer. fuck him.

ii stormed out the front door. ii wasn't ready to go back to the den area to have finish my convo with the other dude. ii had to blow off this steam. ii felt a little better to hear HLF follow me out. well now that ii think about it, it. if he wanted to hit this shit again he had better. so he start hugging me telling me that they're friends and we were just talking. nothng big he claimed. w.e. "when ii tried to talk to you. you blew me off," i told him. "ii didnt know it was that serious" was his answer. ii told him"when are you going to spend time with me. ii came here to be with you" (idiot). ii was happy to hear him say "now baby" "stop talking to her. that was enough for tonight, okay" he teased me "aww you dont like it?" what the fuck do you think einstien?

we walk back in. ii guess she got tired of waiting and moved to the den with everyone else. as soon as we walked in this bitch is mean mugging me. can you believe it? smfh. ii didnt care. ii was way happy to finally have him to myself. it was one seat on the couch and he sat down and patted his legs for me to sit on his lap. smiles. everything was good we were laughing passing the dro with the other homies. ii even leaned back to get comfortable. the homies started to "whoooooo hooooo" and laugh at us. cause we never show too much public affection since we are not official we usualy snuck off & shitt. PLUS we didnt what all the drama and questions. which this night started turning into anyway. we where laughing at them. no big deal. but the "home girl" bitch went outside to the patio the moment they start teasing us. smiles. thats what you get bitch. so we chilled and the boys start acting stupid. two of them start wrestling. you know. dumb as boys. ii kissed him in the midst off the maddness because they were paying us no mind. it felt so good. they wrestled all the way outside. so HLF got up with the rest of them to see better and egg it on. ii wanted to go out and see them fight so i went out there for a minute. but went inside. i didnt care to see that dumb shit. unless it was HLF actually out there wrestling. but that'll never happen, he thinks he's too fly to wrestle and mess up his clothes. good thinkin. most of them are like that. but put a few drinks in them. its murder she wrote.
back to the story
they were fighting for what felt like an hour. ii refused to stay out there. and i was tispy so all i wanted to do was sit my ass down. ii only peeped a few times. ii was okay with the small crowd i was with. which consisted of my BFF the guy who likes me, (oops i left him hanging) and two others that were standing by the door. so the dude that likes me, (let me tell you about him for a minute) he's cool with HLF but he's a friend of one of HLF friends. he reminds me of HLF because of his style. he always wears baseball caps. dresses really fly. he's not as cute and he's lighter. which is not a plus in my book. HLF is a beautiful chocolate brown.

so aanywho a few of the dudes came back in so i guess the fight was over by their conversation "yo, you kicked his ass" "nah n***** he had you pinned down for a long ass time" blah blah. so im waiting for HLF to bring his ass back in. ii got up and acted like i was getting more to drink too peep out there and of coarse he's talking to THAT BITCH! im steamed.steamed. steamed out of my mind. so if he wanted to play those games. ii was about to go into full flirt mode. no more misses short answers with this fine ass dude that's trying to talk to me everytime ii see him and all that night. he was on the lazy boy chair thing next to the couch and ii sat on the edge of the couch next to him.... the conversation went like this:

( lets call him........... fuck it, ii could think of a name. his name is joseph lmao. )

Me: so Joe .. u got a girlfriend?
Jospeh: oh now you want to be my friend again.
Me: (laughing) what are you talking about we are friends
Joseph: we was in the middle of a damn conversation and you bailed on me
Me: im sorry you forgive me?
Joseph: maybe. but nah, i aint got no girlfriend
Me: your too cute not to have a girl
Joseph: ii mean, ii have friends, but the one ii want to be my girl aint trying to get wit me. ii think she got a man
Me: damn that sucks.
Joseph: ii see you got a boyfriend though
Me: nah, the one ii want to be my boyfriend aint tryna get wit me.
Jospeh: well he out his mind
Me: all smiles. ( the boys were really loud so i could barely hear. they were getting roalled up again.)
Joseph: cause if ii was him. id keep u satisfied
Me: ( giggles ) huh? you nasty.
Joseph: not like that. just make you happy.
Me: thats so sweet. ( i turned on my sexy) i like being satisfied though (sipping my drink... trust. i needed it)
Jospeh: how you like being satisfied?
Me: why? you think you could satisfy me?
Joseph: yup. (confidently)
Me: how.
Jospeh: ii could show you better than ii could tell you.
Me: ( that got me hot as hell ) tell me.
Joseph: c'mere let me tell you......
Me: ( leans in )
he gave me the hottest ear kiss lick thing that honestly made my pussy wet as hell.
Me: all smiles. and giggles. "that was nice"
( i peeped around to see who saw that. and too my surpised, they were back outside fighting. idiots. )
Him: you didnt even let me tell you
Me: ( leans in again cause im dumb ) (he did it again excpt i enjoyed it a little longer ) you are crazy! but that feels good as hell.............
Him: it feels good in other places

WHOOOOAAAA! stop the madness.. he was a freak. we flirted b4 and earlier that night. but this was hardcore. we both was alchoholed up, but man. he was turning me on. ii'm sure i missed a lot of the bomb shit he was saying word for word.. but he had me hot ii was a giddy girl at that point. he took my mind so far off the situation on the patio. (momentarily though)

me: what other places?
Him: let me show you.... ( whooooooaaa.. he was GOOD at this shit. his comebacks were sexy as fuck. that line. made me want to get SOME. ) that got me back on HLF.

me: ii need another drink. brb.

as you know that was my excuse to get up to go to the kitchen, so i could look through the sliding glass doors.

THEY WERE GONE! i paniced. i thought i was tripping because EVERYBODY was outside and maybe i was just overlooking. so i went out there and saw my BFF cuddled up with her boyfriend. i asked her has she seen HLF.
"he was still talking to the tramp the last i saw of him" so i ran back in, told joseph wait a second.. went to the front past the living room.. they weren't in there either... i looked outside, his car was still here. ii ran upstairs. opened my bestfriends room. no one. looked over to the guess room, the door was closed. ii slowly tried to open it. LOCKED. i held my ear to the door. i could hear anything. my heart was beating so fuckin fast. fuck it. i knocked on the door. no answer. ii banged on the door. i heard a female yell "WHAT" so ii knocked again. mad as FUCK. to my relieving surprise. it was my bestfriends sister fergie. ( her name is jenifer but we call her fergie lol) i was happy, but still. where the fuck is he. ii apologized and ask "have you seen HLF" "yea he's outside with kim... are you mad?" whatever. ii didnt even answer. i ran back downstairs to go to the patio, but something told me to check the front again. ii opened the front door. & looked around. ii heard a noise. so crept slowly toward his car. ii could see in his front window & no 1 was in there. as ii moved closer. ii heard low voices. ii kneeled down & saw what looked like 2 people sitting down between cars. so ii got closer. (a bitch was on her hands and knees ya'll ) ii slowly peeped around the car. they wasn't doing anything. but she had her big ass head on his shouder. her leg was on his . WTF. ii moved back & sat there trying to listen in. ii heard what i thought was a moan so ii peeped again. his back was kinda turnt so ii couldnt see, but that bitch moaned again. this fucker had his hand in her pussy. his arm was moving like he was finger banging her. then he start kissing her neck. she put her hand around his neck and let out a real moan. i backed up. close call. luckily her eyes were closed.
i wanted to pop up and ruin their party, but ii already felt like a stalker on my hands and knees. so i crawled back to where it was safe to stand. ran up to the door and slammed the shit out of it. and a second later his dumb ass popped up.
"whats up?" he yelled
"wTF are you doing?" "nothing" as he start scrambling his way towards me. her scary ass never got up "stay there. ii already know you with that BITCH" (ii yelled bitch.) that bitch still didnt budge "what are you talkin about ii came out here to get some air" LO(MF)L.
"whatever. continue to finger BANG that slut bag ii saw YOU so dont lie, i dont care anymore" ii hurried inside and locked the door. a few seconds later he's trying to open probably with his disease infested hand.

i ran in the den, joseph was (what looked like ) sleep so i said "c'mon"
ii took him upstairs before HLF made his way around through the back. ii took him to my bestfriends room. "lets finish where we started" ii wanted to forget what i just saw. ii wasn't ready to feel hurt or mad or angry. ii just wanted to get the butterflies that i tried to rid myself of before ii saw what i saw. ii wanted to get the dried up juices in my panties wet again. fuck HLF.

Jospeh: you okay?
me: so what was you saying about something feeling good in other places
Joseph: hahaha!! just like ii said.
i layed down on the bed and told him to join me. ii let go of my rules. at that point i was on some ii dgaf shit. he layed next to me.
Me: so you gone tell me joe?
Joseph: tell you what
Me: you talk all this shit and cant say it
Joseph: why you acting like you dont know what im talking about
Me: cause ii dont.
and he whispered in my ear. "i could make your pussy feel good"

WHOOOOAAA.... i knew what he meant. but i wanted to hear him say yet.
Me: laughing


this is a great place to stop. i'll continue at work.. my mind is still playing out the events of the weekend. it was horrible and great at the same time.


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  3. DAYYUUUMMM...thats crazy, lol. Your strong cause i probably would have beat that bitch ass when I saw them together, getting it on. I cant wait for part 2!!!

    and i agree with crystal-- i woulda straight slapped that bitch-- and the chick 2!


    hurry up wit part 2 cuz i wanna see what his dumb ass has to say

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