Wednesday, July 1, 2009



guys r horny SLUTz
If a guy approaches meeh on myspace w/ that. ur body's nice
bull, ii already noe the deal. SO being the funny coniving, girl ii
can be. ii play ALONG! talk. Then we begin to talk sex. Cybersex
ii love 2 have cybersex. It fux with these egg 4 brain guys. Real
men don't just jump in & start talking about anywho.
Yu knoe how guys boast "igot da number" or "igot da draws"

well ladies "igot THE PIXX" !! fuxx'n idoit!!

"Well Ms candice, that a lovely picture and I really liked looking at. Are you going t
o send me some more pictures? The spray paint covered up all the part I wanted to see. Did you like what I sent you?"

after he sent those disgusting pictures. ii sent him a picture *with my face cut off* of a modeling gig ii did. Naked shoot for body spray art. HAHA! so ii wasn't so naked.

its a fun game, yu should try it one day!

i have a collection.My friend calls me a freak.AAH WELL.

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  1. lmao @ i got the pix

    silly rabbits these boys are...