Sunday, July 5, 2009

this ones about love yall hahhaha

I was surfin around going through bloggs as usual. And ii came across 1 of my favz & she almost aways talks about luv. ii like her blog becuz iit brings me back 2 a place when iive felt & been in luv and the shocking pain of love. I really, honestestly exremely, sincerely didnt want 2 only talk about sex, however being as though ii LOVE it, its whats always on my mind.

However; Ive decided 2 discuss Love iin my latest edition of my mynd. What ii have discovered is luv never ever loves me back. ii got my heart broke 4 the first time @ the tender and mild age of 12. Anthony. What a cold hearted snake he was. he dumped me after a week and two days. we kissed and fondled and ii mistook that for love although ii had no clue of the world. He said it 2 me so ii said it back. He dumped me 4 a chick named krystal. SHe was cute. ii always thought ii had the edge because of my long curly locks. EEEEEET!!! ii was wrong. ii felt something special because no boy had ever touched me in that way. He gave me pleasure ii thought only he could do. ii loved him so much that ii cried my young dumb ass 2 sleep every night.

NEXT was a freak named Joseph. bastard. ii felt fucked double time over. I used 2 sneak over 2 his house in da middle of the night. We never did anything. He never asked or pressured me, he just popped on pornos. slick ass hole. and eventually we did it. & he stopped calling 3 times a day. It turned 2 every other day until it got 2 every time he wanted to fuck. and like a stupid girl in puppy love ii came running. ii thought ii was soooo fuckin in love. Its sad when ii think back @ those times.

NOW ii moved on from luv. I now have a brick wall blocking that shiit. and ii aint letting mah guard down until ii tripple thousand percent sure it R-E-A-L!


  1. Tori, the blog is great, can't wait to read more!
    Just wanna's YOUR blog..if all u write about is friggin toe what!!'s what u wanna do!!

    Love it!

  2. I feel you! I love hard, but the love is never reciprocated on my behalf and that is disheartening! I don't think I want to deal with love for a very long time. The shit is worse than being alone.

  3. You write about anything that you damn feel. No need to explain yourself to no one. With that being said, love is love. You were young and naive, you've grown, you know more about yourself and what you want and what you expect from the other. Love takes patience, sacrifices and alot of understanding. Take your time, don't rush into, cuz you'll get hurt again and again. But before you even love someone, i trully hope that you love yourself first.

    It is what it is..

    Keep your head high...

  4. AWWW THANK YOU!!!!! so so much!! but yea girl! once you go through enuff heartbreaks... that brick wall gets higher & higher with every experience!!