Thursday, July 9, 2009

"it is what it IS"

why R women so afraid to express sexuality sometimes, it buggs the fuck outta me. ii love it when ii run a cross a blog where the girl is confident & if home girl feels like talking about sex................. she does. Not 2 say u have to put ur shiit out there, but why N the hell would u be scared too?. iim only saying if YOU WANTED 2, but u thought twice & changed uR mind. WHY! Judgements? WHO the FUCK gives a got DAMN. WE all have sex OR will have sex one of these days given by God. why be shamed? virgins are NO better, its a choice (that ii have respect for) but it doesnt change who ii am as a sexual young lady & it doesnt make me not deserving of respect. its like me buying a ferarri and the virgin buying a jag they're both nice, expensive, classy beautiful cars, ferarri's just move a little faster. get from a to b a litter quicker. and they still the SHIT.

back 2 the point. SEX is wonderful, its magnificent, im so glad God created such a pleasurable feeling. ii only have one sex partner. which is my friend. if ii had a man right now, i'd only be making love to him. ii don't sleep around. im not a slut bag. ii dont have one nightstand. i've had ONE and ii regret it to this day. ii make mistakes & gladly learn from them. sex is not bad. its GREAT. go have some! well be causious of coarse. DATE! learn. get to know. Steve Harvey said something to the effect of -Jobs give you probation periods to feel you out, to get to know if you are right for the job, if your not just "playing"- and ii totally agree. Give probation periods out.

ok. i've spoken my peace. ii will get off that shit. my next blog will carry on about sex. sex, hand out with a short ass STICK! then ii'll do a long stick.



  1. I love the blog, say whatever the hell you wanna say girl! Is someone all in yo' shit or something? Tell em to click that lil red 'x' in the right hand corner if they don't like it!!

  2. hahaha...
    i just love your blog and totally agree.
    i see nothing wrong wit sex either, even if i dont participate(at this time).
    although my friends call me the virgin freak. ehhh...whatevs. lol.
    well keep em coming ms. tori.

  3. haha i agreeeeeee. lol
    nothinq wrong with sex . ;)