Saturday, July 18, 2009

happy b-day babe.

My homie lover friend b-day is arriving next month on the 25th & ii have yet 2 even think of what i'm going 2 do.

What the fuck do men like!

He dresses fly, yet he's a picky little fuck, so clothes maybe out of the question. He thinks he's so cool.  Perhaps ii'll check a label after we "hump" {} & his tee is thrown across the room. or his jeans. or maybe is boxers. they look nice. 

OMFG! i figured it out underwear! that ii could take OFF!

 Style 4415PAC

how about these spiffy things from american apparel. ii think he;d burn up these. in my face!!!!
I'm pulling out my hair all ready! ii don't want to do way to much only because he's not really my boyfriend. however ii don't want to do too little because we are more than friends.
you guys are wonderful!! WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAS. OR PAST GIFTS GIRLIES. He loves music. BUT. thats a dead in! i would love to be creative, but thats just not me.  ii have no problem with trying. YIKESS!!  dinner!! AHHHHA!!! that would be cool as hell. ii way too scared to do that. what if its disgusting and burnt? or uncooked thoroughly! YIKES YIKES!! 


  1. two words: strip club. yes?
    or maybe...lapdance? yes? lol

  2. keisha took the words outta my mouth lolll thats too funny!!! me and my guy friend go to strip clubs together and its a great experience! im not into women but im not a hater i hav nothing but respect for them!!! most of them are actually very nice lol!!! the best part is u get to go home with him about best u ever had!!!!! trust me thats my "magic trick' everytime we argue lol or u can get make food and wear a sexy teddy pumps while eating and then make him be the dessert!!!!

    on a more simple or a watch!!!

    lol but being that hes not ur boyfriend lol i may just wanna do the strip club trust me u will have fun too and its for his bday so enjoy with him!!!!!

    kiyyah of *AF*

  3. Underwear are not a bad gift, but that color is hideous.

    Other gift ideas include:

    Watch/jewelry (does he have any piercings?)
    Gift Card to an electronic store (BestBuy etc)

  4. how bout make yourself into a birthday cake ( like a strawberry shortcake) whipped cream, strawberries,cake(baked pieces or store brought either way is great) and tell him you wanted your cake and eat it too, so eat ya cake!!!!! im funny (follow me one and all)!!!

  5. these R sum very great idea's! u guys are good!

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  7. Take him to a lenjerie store and let him pick out something cute for you to wear....Then put on a show for him and buy some chocolate, whipped cream and flavored lube...that would be nice ;-)