Wednesday, July 1, 2009

katy perry anyone?

I kissed a girl, and I LOVED IT!
girls are more passionate. We want 2 enjoy the taste the feel the movement of it all. We nibble and enjoy. Guys kiss like their ready to move on or like their want to turn us on.

I kissed a few girls & I loved it, but once its all over, I'm looking for a penii & a penii only. I have experienced how do I say this, I have recieved, never gave if yu know what I mean. I've had fanasies of meeh going all out, yet have I wanted to in reality. It looks fun in my dreams though. However reality feels great. Hell, I'm not gonna turn that shit down. Maybe I'll post the story later.


  1. From the looks of some of your older posts, it's looks like you have a one-track mind, Miss Tori...

    --But I can't say that I don't like it. I will say that there's nothing wrong with being a little generous.

  2. I'm far from a one track mind hun. thank you

  3. we would be just alike if my girl-girl experience didn't scare me so badly. but other than that, just alike.