Friday, July 10, 2009

fuck me over.

so. The last time ii spoke of sex. is the last time ii actually got some. well, sum w/ another individual. Speaking of which, ii culd probably make myself cum harder thn any guy could. Being w/ another living breathing soul is a different type of cum. iits more emotional / passionate 4 me. but the hand is the MAN if yu know wat ii mean. hahaha. lmfao. rotf.

This is becoming a weekly fucking ritual because it was last friday since he gave it too mee. & today is ...... yep u guessed it. friday. so my homie came through today. he just left by the way. he spent all day with me. He said he'd be back. -smiling extremely hard- so he picked me up, we went 2 breakfast. ii had french toast & bacon, while he had a steak omlete. that shiit looked hella gud, might ii add. ii wanted 2 ask for a bite, but a lovey dovey relationship flashed before my eyes before ii stuck my fork in his place. idk. ii have a relationship complex. the only time ii want it to feel like a relay is when we're fuckin. other than that. we R homies. laff joke and smoke. hahaha. ii feel like ii risk our friendship if i get emotional.

the whole drive home, ii could feel his dick rubbing the four corners of my walls. my pussy was plusating like never b4. i put my foot on the dashboard. unziped my jeans and rubbed my clit through my lace panties. he watched me the whole time. and ii saw his dick growing. which drove me wild. ii had reach over and feel it. ii couldnt wait til we got home. && when we did. soon as we hit the door. we hit the floor. ii caught him by surprise with that. but i couldnt help myself. ii was ready to jump his bone.

ii took off is pants. my unziped pants. && got on top. ii have this, ii dk if its a fetish, but ii luv 2 fuck with under wear on. iidk, its so fuckin raunchy to me. ii pulled his dick through the hole of his boxers and moved my panties to the side and rode his shit to mexico. he dosent like the underwear thing so b4 we switched positions, he pulled my panties off and turned me over. he fucked me from the back. we were both on our knees & he had his lips on my neck. iim not got lie he was driving me wild. ii began to slip down. fuckit. ii layed down on my stomach. & he sexed me like that for a while. idk, but ii think that position is 2 much 4 him cause he strokes only a few times be4 he stops almost all the time. my legs are kinda closed so maybe its tighter. but after a while of any back postion, ii need to see the face of my lover.

i cant remember what our next move was but. ii came. deliciously hard.
ii dont want to set myself up 2 be hurt, but iim straddling the fence of friendship and more that friendship. we talk every day. fuck once/ twice a week. on a good week 3 times.

ii love him like crazy, but ii love what we have too. i don't want to ruin it

so now i patiently wait for my knight & shining amor to return to his madens hands


  1. Ok first of all, Kudos to you cuz you gets it IN!! secondly, I'm secretly cussin u out in my head cuz I'm jealous. Lol as always, love the shit u write!

  2. ...ever think about writing a porno? cuz that shit was hot! i'm reading and laughin at the Hands is the Man part and now i'm all horny! lol but still, what u have with him is perfect. like the said in brown sugar "the buddy AND the booty"