Tuesday, July 28, 2009

part 3.

ii was finished. icame. ii was done with it. except he didnt cum. shxxt!!!!! i have 2 fullfill my duties as a woman && give this boy my best. becos ii recieved the fuck out of his. ii was worked thouugh. ii just wanted a glass of water && a samich. lmao. in this situation, ii would just give head. give him some bomb ass head. to let my pussy rest. but not in this situation. we wasnt even like that (yet). ii know some of yall reading this shit like bitch, u fucking him, u might as well do it. however; for some strange reason. thats difficult for me. ii have to be comfortable with a guy. && plus this whole idea of fuckin someone ii really dont know all that good was new within it self.
ii took a 3o second break to recoop. then ii got on top of him. ii planned on fuckin him fast && strong for a few minutes until he busted. shit, we was already fucking for a long ass time before i came. not the case. his ass was a fuckin stallion. (ii need this in my life always!!!). i was riding. && riding. && before ii knew it. my ass was about to cum a fuckin gin!!! that shit felt so amazing. ii was going for blood until i fell into complete oblivion. my thighs where tight. my pussy clinched. my heart was beating fast. i never had sex this good and this long ever. ii was not about to give up. cause ii heard that fucker was moaning. ii love to hear a boy moan. ii began to ride it slow. his dick was so fuckin hard. my walls were sesitive. every stroke sent waves of ecstacy. ii was loud as hell ya'll. ii was grinding all over his dick. i had to slow up cause i didn't want to come again. he pulled me down and wrapped his arms around me and fucked me good from the bottom. ii was excited cause this was a sign of him taking control cause he was about to cum. ii was trying to hang on && burry my face in his neck to drown out my moans. why in the hell did that fucker whisper. "let me hit it from the back" WTF? u aint about to come yet? ii guess ii wasn't going to ride him to the point of no return. ii really wanted it to be my riding to make him come. he was trying to put it on me and keep me hooked. and at that moment ii was thinking ii need to have this dick in my life. ii could do this every other day. im sprung. off his dick. not him. but im sure that coming. thats why im not really sad over HLF yet the best way to get over some one. is with someone else. although ive been crying at night. only when ii put my mind to it. so back to the subject matter.

ii silently fulfilled his request and got on my knees. he got up and i was thinkin where is he going. his control freak ass moved me to the edge so he could stand up. ii loved this take charge shit. he put it in and stroked me so deep and slow. he wasnt doing the norm in and out he was swirling that shit around. he drove me fuckin crazy that night. ii start backing that shit up cause ii wanted to make him cum. "R u going to cum 4 me?" i asked backing it up. ii threw my game face on, and focused on him. i start contacting my pussy. and backing it up hard. i was going to make him cum if it was the last thing i did. ii turned around and his head was back. up faceing the ceiling. ii wanted to smile. but i couldnt shake the fucked up sex face. his dick was a master. i wanted to fall on my elbows so bad. but ii knew i had him. "im bout to cum" magic words! ii was about to too. took his hands off my back and put them around my waist and took back controll. we were going fast i felt my orgasm on edge . he let on the "oh shit" and came. i hurried and rubbed my pussy let out a small amount of squirt.

ii took the condom off his dick. cum got on my hands. ii didnt give a fuck. i felt like ii was in love. he fell on the bed. ii peeped out the door. complete darkness. i ran my naked butt to the bathroom. wrapped up the condom in a wad of tissue and threw in the trash. washed my hands. and my pussy.
as ii ran back to the room. ii swear ii heard a moan. ii wasnt the only one getting it!!!!!!!
when ii got back in his eyes where closed. his naked body looked good. ii wasnt even sleepy. i ii was so excited could of played jump on the bed. lmao. ii layed beside him. and whispered in his ear "you spending staying over?" he was sleep. ii put his ass to bed! "huh" he said. ii kissed his face a bunch of times. ii couldnt controll my infactuation and lust for him. ii was so happy with him. "are you going to spending the night?" "can ii?" "you can if you want to" "ii will if you want me to" "i want you too" shit by that time it was about 3a.m.
ii went to turn off the lights. we got under the cover and he put his arms around me. ii backed my ass up into him and he start whispering in my ear. he told me how he loved how my pussy felt. and how he needs to lock me down. iin one moment ii was like FUCK YEA! and before i knew it, ii thought about how fucked up my life was at the moment. a tear rolled down my face. SHIT. not now. and unconciously i fuckin sniffled. then wiped my tears. "are you crying" FUCK!! ii hate showing weakness. and theres nothing worse than crying after fucking. it takes away from it. ii didnt want to ruin his night with my bullshit. this fucker turned me around to face him. kissed my eyelids and said "dont let it get u down" then he kissed my lips. i cld feel my tears on his lips. ii was soooooo not used to this sweet shit. HLF would have said something like "damn!! dont do this shit right now" LOL. then comfort me. the moans and groans first, then the comfort. its unwanted after that shit. so anway he start kissing me. then with a little tongue. took my mind straight off it. we start making out. his damn kisses. i had forgotten how good they were. then we start laughing and talking about the sex we just had. joking about faces. that shit was funny. ii wanted to turn the light back on!!! we talked and laughed some more. ii told him how he worked my shit. ii told him my pussy was sore. lol. this mutherfucker crawled under the cover to eat my pussy! "what are you doing?" he responded "im a make it feel better" ii was thinking it needs a break. but ii didnt want to say no. ii was brand new to him. so ii didnt really know how to say ii dont want it. but ii was to caught up in how he wanted nothing more than to please me. he put his head between my legs and ii lefted my legs up. he kissed it so gently. licked it so soft. then tongued it with the slightest sucks. it sent chivers through my spine. he licked it somemore. it was so surreal cause ive never had anything like this. all this gentle shit. my pussy was wet. again. but i knew i was ready yet. although i wanted to. my body was weak. and as if he knew my body better than me. he gave it one last kiss and began kissed up my belly. FUCKER! he had me eating out the palm of his hand. ii wanted to suck the shit of his dick. but i still controled my hunger. and need to please him. i asked him whats his fucking problem treating me so fucking delicate. trying to please me and shit. "your trying to get me sprung huh?" "now why would ii want to do that?" jokes. ii had to kiss his lips. taste me. "we fucking first thing in the morning"

do yall wanna hear about that?it was kind of interesting. or should i skip straight to the drama with H-exL-F?

well that was the close of his part. ya'll are so right. ii deserve this type of treatment. love yall comments. they help. im about to go read yall shit. show my love. call joseph and carry my ass to bed. he dont get off for another 40 minutes (10 O'clock) to be exact. so im spending it with ya'll posts. by lovies.


  1. wowzers. i feel like i just read a zane novel. lol.

  2. Man.....I can't read anymore of your real life stories, cause as soon as im done reading I wanna call Wifey and see whats up....lol

    P.S., As a man, I love to please my woman, so if you find a dude who wants nothing but to please you, and your into him, Don't let him go.....you never know what the outcome maybe......BONG!!!!

  3. i wanna hear about the morning sex! LMAO!

    ur exes lost is another mans gain! get it girl!

  4. Woah!

    Girl this is some ish.

    So you're kicking it with Joseph now?
    What happened with HLF?

  5. @jAsMYn..gurl her blogs are way better then Zane but thaS how i felt too when i firSt reAd one
    Tori gir,everyday is another journey for but don't let nothin keep u down n hold u bac,girl..get out there n be known as Tori,the boldest ass girl in tha city,shiiitttt....do ya thing...but i'm curiousss,wus gonna happen now??


  7. i agree . keep the storiess cominq . makin me wanna get some lol