Monday, July 6, 2009


"is it possible for gyrls 2 cum too fast?" LMFAO
can we get sexxed 4 ten minutes & fallout huff puff and fall asleep?
hahhahhaha. ii wish i had that SKILL. its only a skill if your a woman.
men do this with out 2nd thought.

Question # 2
my friend is playing her dude cause her dude is everthing right, sex wrong
the dude she effs with sexs her right! have her callin in the middle of da night! haha
anywho, with her dude, she said she just "go ahead and cum" to get it over with

say what say huh?
how in the hell is that possible???????????

if a dud aint puttin in work ii cant "just cum"

cum feels so damn good how can it possibly be "just"
ii was confused.

any of u ladies have that ability?

1 comment:

  1. She has to be a faker or just knows how to use him as a tool