Monday, July 13, 2009

help me out.

whats your favorite sexy novel???

ii need a book to read. summers crap on dayz im not doing n e thing.

i just finished reading "addicted" by zane for the 3rd time.


  1. Have you read God's gift to women? I think its by Omar Tyree, its not like zane's books, but its nice.. oh and a taste of honey, that was a good book.. again.. not on zanes

  2. I love "Shame on It All" by Zane
    Dang, now I need to go get some erotica! Lol

  3. Hey Tori,

    The Maintenance Man by Michael Baisden is a good read. Its not ALL sex, but there is some sex.

    It's also a good read.

    What They Want by Omar Tyree has a good amount of sex in it.

    I hope these are good for you.

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  4. to name a few...
    *some are more of a story but has steamy sex scenes*

    Fantasy by K. Elliot

    An All Night Man by Brenda Jackson, Joylynn Jossel, Kayla Perrin, Tamara Sneed

    Brenda Jackson novels

    These are more hood love than i guess you could say sensual

    Keisha Ervin novels
    Wahida Clark

    *hope i helped*
    (even if i'm late wit my comment. lol)