Monday, July 27, 2009

its over.

today is fuck'd up.
hLF && ii got into the last fight.
ive been dealing with this shxxt
thats y ii haven't finished part 3.
its still in a draft. FUCK!
today is not good guys.
bittersweet to say the least.
i'll post the arguement when ii finish part three.

oh && thanks to my new followers! iim greatful to have you. ii will go follow you.


  1. hEy Tori..gurl ur blogs are real,eye opening and deep..and i'm sorry 2 see that its over =(
    ii hopE thingS Work ouT foR U.i'M surE it will cus obviously u can hold ur own nd don't need nobody to tell u wut to do..i respect that tho lolrealll talk

    ps;please follow me,i'm newbie! x0

  2. Hey Tori,

    I'm sorry about the drama.
    Email me,
    Lets chat!

  3. & let me just say this...he didn't deserve you! I'm sorry that it didn't end well though.

  4. i'm sorry-- that shit is rough mama! keep ur head up! You're a strong woman!!