Friday, July 31, 2009

my life........ continued

well ya'll. juss read ya'll comments. thanks a bunch!! ii know my life is drama. && i juss so happened to create a blog right when this crap started. im glad u guys think its sounds like a novel! im just writing the events word for word. thats hot. ii do read a lot . so its probably apart of my writing nature.idk

i'll probaby make this quick (well try, ii usually think i'll write a short story and it comes out long as hell) but ii want to catch ya'll up. so me and HLF been going through the storm.............

the next day jospeh and ii woke up at 1 in the afternoon. and my request was granted. we did it. my shit was still pretty sore. but yall know joeseph. super gentle. it was hilarious cause we were both conscious about our morning breath. new relationships are bittersweet because with HLF.......... were like who cares. ii could be fucked up looking. the moment i opened my eyes and remembered joe was behind me. ii imediately went into -self conscious- mode and start squrming and rubbing my hair down. i guess he felt that and woke up. ii felt him start grinding into me. he was sleep still cause he was doing that to me in his sleep that night (well morning) i would half way wake up and feel it. lol!!! now that ii was woke. it made me wet. i crawled over him to the night stand where my BFF keeps her condoms. pulled one out and put it on my him. he was hard. i started to get on top and do the work but he patted my spot of the bed. and said a groggy whisper"lay back down" so i did. "turn back around" ii was damn confused. but i did as he said and layed back down on my side. he grabbed my waist and start grinding on my ass again. he put his hand under my ass and felt my wetness. he let on an "mmmmmmmm" like he didnt expect me to be wet. i felt him slowly inserting his dick in my pussy. i never did it like this before. i lefted my leg up to allow him better access. and he did short slow strokes and played with my clit. kissed my back. i felt him breathing on my back. that shit was great. once he woke fully up from the pleasure gabbed my thigh and held my leg up and made his strokes longer and harder.
one of my new favorite positions. the spooning position. :)*^&!!

what a great moring. so after we did it. we rested for about a half hour. until he got up and said "ii need get up out of here" ii hate those words but i understood. we talked about having a relationship and as if we went backwards. we exchanged numbers for the first time.
fast forward.
looked at my phone. had 12 missed calls 4 messages and 7 new text messages. and the little bubble indicating i have aims. that was a first for a single night. ii checked the missed calls first. one from my BFF lastnight. im sure it was before she knocked on her room door and found me. the next calls where all HLF. moved on to the text. "where the fuck or you" "why the fuck are you ignoring my calls" "i know you see me call'n u" "pick up your fucking phone" "why R u acting like a little ass girl" "this the last time im call'n" "fuck you then!" "its over" "im done with this bullshit" and yes 4 of thos calls where after his last text. 2 out of those 4 was that morning. ii called my mom to pick me up. when ii got home i feel asleep in front of the tv. heard my phone buzzing on the table. HLF. ii didnt want to answer. but ii unpurposely ignored him enough. ii said a sleepy hello and his ass went the fuck off! ii wish ii could remember what he was saying but ii was half sleep and he was yelling. ii just remember saying "just come over here and we could talk about it" "catch the bus over here" wTF? "i don't have time for your shit. when u feel like bringing your ass over here to talk or to pick me up then we'll continue. until then." and ii hung up. OH and btw he got the idea of me catching the bus cause when he car was in the shop for two weeks. i was catching the bus over his apt when ii didnt have a ride. bitch please. he had his nerve. i have never caught the bus when he had his car. when talking to HLF, i have to always keep in mind what he did cause he is a master manipulator and he will fuckin flip shit and ill end up feelin like im in the wrong. he did all that yelling and calling me a "kid" ........... did he forget that he was behind a fuckin car finger banging a bitch? im o so happy he did. ii would not have had the experience of a lifetime if he didnt. ii was still on cloud 9 his little attitude over the phone couldnt bring me down.
but yes. he eventually got to my ass. ii fell asleep after i hung up he called back 30 minutes later. and said "so you just gone hang up in my face and not call back?" LMAO. thats the purpose of hanging up. cause ii dont want to talk to you. "why would i want to call you back and ur cussing me out? did you fucking for get that you was finger banging that female behind the car?" "look im already on my way. ill be there in 10" WTF?? "ok" ya'll i fuckin sprinted to the bathroom. turned on the shower. while it got hot ii washed my face, brushed my teeth. hoped it. took a shower in fast forward !! lmao. threw lotion on my body followed by body spray. ran to my room looked out the window, he wasn't here yet. thew on some more leggings and a tee. ran back to the bathroom, brushed my hair into a ponytail with some mousse and a few sprays of body spray. (yes ii put body spray in my hair. lol. put on a little make up and heard my mom calling my name. SHIT. he was here. went in my room slipped on my sandles. and ran for the door. ii should have taken my precious time. iim so used to not making HLF wait cause he hates it to no end.

got in his car. no words. he didnt speak i didnt either. we rode like that the whole fucking way to his apt. when we got there. he hopped out his car. hurried up the stairs. basically left me. wtf? by the time i closed my side of the car door good he was half way up the stairs. ii walked slow. smh head in confusiion. am i gonna have to be the bigger person here? shit. yo ass wanna talk. not me. me personally would have waited til tomorrow. sleep on that shit. so anyhow. when ii made it to his apt. the door was open. and he wasnt on the coach like ii expected. i closed the door sat down and heard him say. "you thirsty" shit scared me. cause ii didnt even notice the refrigerator door opened. and him standing behind it. "yea" i really wasnt but ii didnt want my "no" to seem like ii was being rude. so he pulled out two cans of sprite and came to the couch and set down on the opposite end of the coach. i guess he was following me lead. cause usually i sit dead in the middle and we sit there together.

moving along. "so?" he said
i said..."so what? you wanted to talk"
"where were you last night"
"i spent the night" i answered
"where you think?"
"i didnt see you nowhere"
"where were you at lastnight?"
"WTF you mean where was i at? i brought my ass home" he said. ii didn't doubt that because he would'nt have been calling me as he did if he were with that slut bag. "oh ii thought you and that girl would of finished what you guys started" "What the hell? finish what?" thats right.go dumb. "you know what. im not gonna sit here and play with you. ii came out side. looked under your car and saw you and her and you where finger banging her. tell me you wasnt?" he was silent. "matter fact you cant tell me you wasn't, cause i saw you. no point in denying it." he was quiet. "what you gotta say? you wanted to talk... so talk?" "i was wrong for that" quiet. "was you with the homie?" OH NOW HE THE HOMIE!! "why you say that?" thinking.thinking..... oh shit "ii saw ya'll talkin. then when i was lookin for you. you and him were no were too be found" FUCK. (man up) "im not gone lie. once i saw yall. i was anry as fuck so i went to chill with him upstairs." "ya'll do something?" i shook my head up and down. "what ya'll do?" quiet "tell me?" i shrugged my shoulders "what the fuck yall do!!!" he yelled that one. "it?" me...... "you know what. it really dont matter. you said the shits over. you started this shit in the first place." then he said "all that translates to is i fucked him and i cant be a woman and say it" "yep"... i said he looked at me like i was crazy. "are you forreal?" "yea" he looked at me like ii was crazy again. "are you seeeerious?" i shooked my head up and down. he looked like somebody punched him in his gut. "i was really joking when i said that. thats fucked up" "this whole situation is fucked up" "damn, i cant believe you!! you a hoe now?" i said sarcasticly..."yea ima hoe now" then i said "if ima hoe what the fuck is yo ass? lets not forget you fuckin fucked around with a girl right im fuckin face. you bastard. fuckin hiding from me like a kid. i would never pull no bull shit like that" ................. and i went on and on. cussing him out. we ended up yelling all in eachother face until he told me to get out. ii went outside called my mom with tears streaming down my face.

fucked up right?


  1. omgggg, NOOOO.!!
    well yess.
    he's rude.
    no female should be disrespected in any way what so ever, if you 2 really feeling each other like THAT then yall should reconcile && fix it.
    if not go separate ways.
    that's all there is to it.

  2. dag. okay. i'm ready for the next chapter.

  3. Ok, um FUUUUUUUCK HIM. "you're a hoe now" you serious that's really what the hell he said? disrespectful ass!

  4. yes gurl he sure DID!!! he always a lil ignorant. but ii kinda liked it. but when he's NOT playing. that shit is totally disrespectful guys.

  5. Aint it crazy how its okie for him to fuk around and do you dirty, but when you go and do what makes you happy he wannt bitch about it???

    HE ACTUALLY SAID"SO YOU A HOE NOW"TO U??SONN I WOULD'VE DECKED THA MAFUCKA CUZ THAT IS STRAIGHT DISRESPECT!!I guess u really dunno a person as well as u think u fuck that cat u really dun need him...i guess if ur a hoe he's a slut cus look at the shit he was doin!and although ya'll wasn't oficial,he didn't have to be rubbin that mess in ya face with the chick he was chillin with...thas type disrespectful..wus ur next move,girl?whatever it is i hope he ain'T inVolvED...