Thursday, July 23, 2009

sorry guys, its taking forever. word for word pt2!

yeah?? ?????? ?? ????? ii blurted out.

ii had to cover joes mouth with my hand. it was my BFF lukily. ii was so relieved as fuck ya'll . "R u by yourself?" ii asked her through the closed door. she said yes. so i told joe i'll "brb" . "Y u keep leaving me?" OMG he was so fuckin sexy! ii told him that ii would b quick. ii went into the hallway. closed the door behind me. just incase HLF decided to come up. she asked me what happened & told me that he was looking for me. ii told her what he'd done. the quick short version. ii told her i had company in her room. hahaha. she laughed and said "what yall doing" "nothing. we R just talkin" "he fine as hell girl. you sure you not doing nooooothin" lol. "with that bullshit ass shit i saw, & the mixed up ass emotions im feeling right now, i might. cause his game is on POINT" she laughed "shit im about to get into some shit" she told me her boyfriend been trying to get some all night. ii was wishing she'd quit talkin i was horny and angry at the same fuckin time. i just had to choose which emtion i wanted to deal with. and horny was winning the tug of war. she said "damn, me and d bout to hit up my moms room when i kick every one out" gross ii thought. but i couldnt complain because im positive her room was her first option. "girl do yo thing, just tell HLF ii left!!!!." ii new something was about to happen. so peeped back in ii told joe. i have to use the bathroom and to lock the door. he looked at me with the WTF face. give me two seconds. on my way to the bathroom ii thought of HLF. & if i was making a mistake with joe. because ii have major feelings for HLF. & ii knew we were going to do something. but that shit was fucked up. you fuck with a girl in the same facinity as me? in my fuckin face? and try to hide from me. but that day joe and the alcohol helped surpress those feelings. cause normally i would be cussing yelling and fuckin that bitch up. alcohol makes me horny. and thats all ii needed. and seeing HLF kissing her neck and watching his arm move in that suggestive in and out motion and hearing her moans, made me angry. but on the way to the bathroom, it made me horny. "yep, it was the alcohol" ii grabbed a towel cloth in the closet next to the bathroom. i took a quick vigina wash up. i wanted to be good good. ii felt sticky. i had a ton of dried up wetness in my underwear. i just took them off. put back on my leggings. and slid my feet back in my heels grabbed my panties, stuck them in the back of my leggings, and rushed back to joe.

ii knocked a million little knocks. lmao "open up"

"so where were we?" i asked him
Joseph: so whats going on?
me: nevermind that shit.
Joseph: tell me.............whats going on with you and him?
me: i dont really want to talk about it right now. and ii know you dont either.
Joseph: ii really do........ not. hahaa. right now. but ii do want you know ii can be there for you
ii peck him on the lips and smiled.
me: right now i want to talk about me and you.
Joseph: me too
me: so where did we leave off
Joseph: i told you ii could make your pussy feel good
then he whispered it in my ear. and said "want me to make it feel good"
ii giggled and shied away. ii was scared to say fuck YEA! ii was thinking R you gone eat it, no strings attaced????? LMAO hells YEA!! grubb up!!!!!!!
so he guides my chin to his lips, so we could kiss. he kissed me so slow and passionate that was totally a different experience for me. every time a guy kisses me its fast a passionate. or a peck. two options. omfg. ii could have came from the way tongue kissed me. guys, im really into kissing. it was so soft and dilectable. not wet and sloppy. ii never wanted it to end. i looked him in his eyes " you want to make me feel good?" "yep"

ii layed down face up. and grabbed his head for another one of those kisses. ( i really wanted him to get on top of me because ii love kissing that way, but ii didnt want to insinuate sex, although ii wanted it. cause i was NOW in the mood. but iive never had sex with a dude that ii don't really noe well). after he stopped. he said.
Me: you kiss good
Joseph: can i kiss your pussy?
me: you want to kiss my my pussy?
he bit his lips and sqinted real sexy and said he wanted to taste it.
my heart sped. ii was nerves and extremely wet. with the way he kissed me. ii know he would work my shit.
he got on top of me. kissed me for a long ass time. slow and good. he was so into his kisses. wht a great kisser. usually i would be thinking. move the fuck a long. do the damn thing. my pussy is waiting.! lmao. but ii couldnt concentrate on nothing but the way he kissed me. he started kissing my neck and up to my ear again. eeeeeeeek! i was dripping. he spent the perfect amount of time touching me, caressing me and making every sense in my body come alive. my mind was dizzy like never ever before. his hand was under my shirt feeling all over. "take your shirt off" he whispered in my ear. we set up and he scooted me to the edge of the bed and ii lifted up my shirt over my head. the moment it was off. i noticed his waist was in my face. and his dick was right in there. ii wanted to feel his dick so bad. ii wanted to feel how big it was. ii could tell i was hard but ii wanted to touch it so fuckin bad. yet, ii held back. ii wanted him to be in control. he unattched my bra and he layed me back down and crawled back on top of me. my heart was pumping. "your beautiful" ..............he tells me that everytime he see's me, but this time im sure he was talking to my tits. lmao. he kissed each of them softly. ii dont know about ya'll. but ii loved to get my tits sucked and kissed and licked. thats the very best way to get my horny. the guys im use too, havent kissed me the way joseph did. so iim usually ready for them to tongue my nipples instead of my face. he licked around my nipple a few times and then put it in his mouth. OMFG. he was so gentle. ii never in all my being had that approach before. im use to aggression. and i thought aggression was the best thing ever. shiiiiiiiit!! was ii wrong. this was on some other shit. he had my body begging. i swear that was the best i ever had. and we wasnt even fuckin yet. ii had decided at that point we was fuckin. fuck rules. he did the other breast. and i thought that was the shit cause HLF would forget about the other one all the time. he start kissing downward. and he did the funniest thing. you know how you tickle babies stomach with your face? he did that!!!!! it tickled me so good. ii was laughing so hard. ii wasnt expecting that!! it was great. it broke some of my nerves. he laughed too. when he did that, it caused me to lift my legs around his neck from laughing. ] before ii could put them back down. he grabbed them signaling to leave them. he did the tickle thing to my pussy. wow. slower though. that shit was too good. and mind you, ii had on leggings with no panties. so ii felt his nose and mouth on my clit directly. eeeek! what the fuck is this guy doing to me! it was all new. slow and more inteansed than aggression. i made a mental note of that shit. he put my pussy in his mouth (through my leggings) and blew warmth. omg. my pussy was throbbing. and screaming. he teased me good as ever. he took off my peep toe heels, then he pulled my down off my leggings and my panties fell out. lol. he picked them up and gave me WTF eyes. lol. "long story" i said. he scooted me all the way to the edge and lifted my feet up to the bed. he kissed my pussy. and slid his finger through the middle. "pretty pussy" he said. he licked the same line he drew down the middle. and kissed it ever so gently again. he is a teaser to no end. fucker. then he went for it. he sucked my clit and flicked his tongue on it at the same time. he licked and sucked and tongue kissed my pussy. he ate it like it was a delicacy. he kept a rhythm. some guys be all over the place with that shit. they dont know what the fuck they're doing. he did. that shit felt so good. ii start grinding my pussy against his mouth. this is the best head ive ever head in my life. he changed motions at the right time. he really knew when ii was on the verge cause he slowed. fucker. ii remember him putting his finger inside me and rubbing my g-spot. when he put two in. my hips where pumping & grinding. ii lasted about three more minutes after that. ii squirted all over my friends bed and floor. ii shook hard. and screamed. and had a fuckin tear rolling down the side of my face. after ii came down and realized it. ii was embarrased a little bit because ive never shook that hard before. ii wiped that tear fast as hell. ii hate letting boys know what they do to me. ii grabbed a pillow and put it over my face. he took it off. and kissed me. ii loved to taste my pussy on lips. i dont know. its a turn on. even i barley taste anything. i know he just finished eating my pussy and me kissing that, is sexy. i kissed him this time. a little harder. with more intensity. the kind of kiss that told him ii wanted to return the favor. but ii wasnt going down on him. ii need to know him a litte better. ii wanted to return the cumming favor. "you have a condom?" he pulled one from his wallet. a magnum. YES! you know what that means. at that moment ii realized ii was butt ass naked and he was fully clothed. ii put my naked ass on top of him and said "you want me?" he shook his head and did that sexy look thing. ii yanked his belt. ii was in control. unbottoned his pants. yanked his pants off. he lifted off his shirt. "take that off too" i said. referring to his wifey. his chest was nice. he didnt have on boxers so ii couldn't put it threw the hole. sex with underwear. my favorite. yikes. no problem. ii didnt have on underwear either. ii pulled off his drawers. ( btw, he didnt have on tidey whiteys either. it was those tight cotton boxer thingys. they're mostlikely boxers too. OH, briefs? i think those are what they call them. who cares? back to the story.) ii pulled those off. and his dick flung out!!!!! it was nice and fuck. smooth. thick. ii think HLF is longer. but his was thick. my eyes lit up and ii think he noticed because he said "you like it?" ii just smiled. ii wanted to see what it tasted like badly. but ii still opted against that. ii grabbed it & put the condom on. omg it was so hard. after ii got it on ii slapped it against my clit. boy was ii wet. what ii was doing was trying to tease him, like he did me. it didnt work. ii was extremely anxious to put it in. ii got on top. ii tried to put it in. it was 2 big. ii was trying to work it in, the head was in. as ii was trying to work it in more, he grabbed me and flipped me over. gott on top. he worked it in. slow. every stroke he got in deeper. his shit was big! ii underestimated it. he was opening me the fuck UP! it hurt a little but that was the most pleasurable pain ive ever had. how wet ii was made it easier. after a ton of "getting in" strokes he finally all the way in. ii was moan a shit storm. omfg. ii wish ii could rewind it. and be taken back to that moment right now.
he moved slow and sensual. he fucked me like he was in love wit me. ii wanted to scream. but all ii could do was wimper. lmfao. ii tried 2 control my moans whenever ii was able to think. but that was hardly possible. this extra slow shit was amazing. iit was weird because it felt so good that ii wanted to speed up. but iit felt so fuckin good that ii couldn't move. it felt as if every stroke ii got 10 times more pleaser than if he was pounding me. ii felt every thing this way. but my hips were grinding all by themselves. they wouldnt let me keep his rhythm. "patience baby" he whispered in my ear. that comment gave me the beginning of a orgasm. it was comming. ii tried to refuse myself of coming. because ii wanted to be in control. he was controling the fuck out of me. i gyrated my hips hard against his dick. fuck his rhythm ii about to cum. this fucker held down my waist. and lifted on his knees. grabbed the head board with one and held my waist with the other. and road the shit out of my ass. ii think ii was screaming. remember this is a little embarrassing. ii dont like to be loud. ii didnt want him to know he could do that to me. but i could control myself nor my screams. i was about to come so hard. i felt the tingling in my toes and my brain got cloudy and i came. HARD. ii had to lift up and grab his neck and put pressure on my pussy with is pelvic. ii could feel his dick under me. i grinded on is pelvic. until the orgasms stopped. i hugged him so tight. ii never had this reaction before. OMFG.

okay ya'll. my shit is wet writing this. tmi: i have to go do something about that. i already started the next part. but ii'll copy and paste it in the next post.
enjoy. this was the best, but still the worst weekend ever.


  1. wooooowww! Sounds, GREAT! tehehe reading this made me wet...
    If i were you I damn sure wouldnt give him up, lol. cut buddies or something! dont let that go! haha

  2. Wow!!!

    Lots of foreplay and slow sex is the bomb!!

  3. I cosign ^^!
    Get it girl, you deserve it!

  4. lmao @ the tmi part! u make me want to write a best i ever had story forreal. i friggin love ur blog, that post better come soon

  5. omfgggg,
    the passion you described between you to is exactly what me && my boyfriend got.
    sex is the best.!!