Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Im back loves!

so iive been falling off the wagon with my blog. its cuz life had been a little crzy with all the drama surrounding the aspects of my life. i've been dealing with the HLF/ joseph delima for the past week.
after HLF kicked me out. ii went home crying. not a good look cuz ii had to explain to my momz the problem. something i didnt want 2 do. of coarse i didn't tell her everything. ii told her HLF broke up with me. I told her the reasoning was he was at a party messing wit some skank, so ii fooled around myself ii didn't tell her ii slept with a nother guy (get real). her motherly advice was "two wrongs never make a right" and that ii should NOT have repeated his actions. she said how it then put me in the wrong zone. after a zillion questions and a gazillion more POINTS, ii went to get on the net read some of ya'll bloggs 2 take my head away from HLF. (thanks 4 having great blogs out there!!) ii was really exspecting a call from HLF but that fucker never called (thanks for not regretting the HOE remark fucker!). on a lighter note, i did get a text from joseph sexy ass. he asked what ii was doing. && if he could call. DUH. so right then, he called and i stayed on the phone with him til 3. we talked about everything. when we were talking about sex we had is when i told him ii like doing it with underwear on, but he didnt have on boxers. he laughed and said "what kinda crazy shit is that" he didnt understand what difference it made. i really don't either. i guess i do, it just feels............. IDONT KNOW!! lmao. can yall explain it. it feels.... rushed, like we just cant wait for each other. he told me about a song saying "pull your panies to the side" he said that it was meant to be disrespectful. i guess thats why i like it. cause its dirty!!! lmao. cant remember that far back details of other parts of our conversation. cause we've had plenty of covoz since then. but i remember thinking how great it is to meet someone this great at a time like this in my life. ii told him everything that went down the night of the kick back. and all the things HLF said when we met up. anyhow
joseph asked me for a date and ii immediately said yes.
he wanted me to try jamacian food because on the phone we were talking about what we are mixed up with. he is part jamacian, i couldnt believe it because he is light. he told me his mom is dark she is half jamacian and half white and his dad is half black and half white. i didn't suspect that either. but when he took his hat of in the restaurant i could see the goodness of his hair. we gone have some cute kids guys! he never had cuban food. something im half of. so that what we are doing nex! in case your curious im a mut to LMAO cuban irish and black. probably a lot of other shit i don't know about.

ii didnt know what to order so i stuck with something ive heard a lot -jerk chicken- it was sooooo fucking good! he got some goat something. i was so scared to try it! it looked bomb as hell, the word GOAT threw me off. finally after some pleading, ii took a bit. im for sure going for that when we go back.

our next date was my shitt!! cuban food! ill save that date for the next post. cause some juciy shit went down. so after we ate we sat in his car and talked then we start making out. you know what that lead to. EXCEPT it was hard to get it crackin in his car (hondas) are small as shit. he asked about my spot. i said nooooooooooooo my mom is not having that shit! and he said his momz wouldnt either. thats the best fucking thing about HLF he had his own spot. joseph was saving up to move out. me. i plead the fith! lmao. so he offered a motel 6. ok i said. and we went. ii could believe he was about to spend 50 dollors on a room for one night just to do it. i was thrilled on the contrary.

we got in. ii thought it was not to shabby. he said the best thing in life. but first he said i wish i could of took you somewhere nicer. im not feeling this shit. we were so in a hot horny mess 20 minutes ago that we didnt care. he said "lets go" i was very confused. but ii questioned nothing. we went to a walmart down the way and he bought some candles a lighter, a cork screw, some flowers and some wine. i was FUCKED UP. ive never been treated like this. his total came up to $26.03 (i kept the reciept) he spent well over 100 dollars on me tonight for us. that was an embarrassing first.

when we got back we set everything up together. lit the candles put pedals everywhere all over the bed. he poured some wine into the plastic cups we found covered in plastic in the bathroom. we drank and drank and talked and talked. i start getting a lil tipsy. i was having a ball with him laughing and talking. but i was ready to do what grown people do. i was so thankful to have someone not just ready to fuck. he had a great time laughing. he's not soft but he knows how to treat a girl for real. so i got on top of him and start kissing him and unbottoning his pants. tipsy sex is the best shit. he was aggressive kissing. he start kissing my neck and the shit felt so good. once i had his pants unhooked stuck my hand in there. and rubbed his dick. i felt skin!!! he had the boxer hole!! lmao. at that point i couldnt wait for it, that shit turned me the fuck on. i crawled down to the edge of the bed pull his pants off. i stood up to take of my jeans. i crawled back on top of him. and grinded on his dick with our underwear on. pulled his dick out through the hole and slid my panies to the side and tapped his dick on my clit. i was soak'n wet. "put me in" he said. ii love those words. i got all the way on him kissed him and start working it in. once again my friends it was hard. so unfortunately he had to get on top. i want to be in control! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! at that time i was too horny to care. he worked it in slow. little stroked that built up until he was finally in all the way. i was ready to turn back around, but he wouldnt let me. ii lifted my legs up over his shoulders and he worked it right! that night was the shit! when he finally let me get on top, ii wanted to finally prove myself. ii'm a quick learn. the way to his cum is not fast. its slow and detailed!!!!!!! i was squeezing the shit out of my pussy every stroke up. i learned not to do the up and down with him. ii had to do the circular motion too. ii had him!!!!!!!!!!!!! slow and ii kept my rhythm. ii was literlly fucking counting, singing wondering what ii had to do the next day ANYTHING to keep my fucking mind from the fact that ii wanted to cum so bad. ii heard him moarning. he had his hands round my waist started to control my hips and fuck me from the bottom. eventually he flipped me over and did me missionary. he tounged me down so good. the thing he did that made me lose control is when he interlocked fingers with me and put them above my head. ii was at his mercy. then ii locked my feet around is back. we were sweating and he was moaning in my ear and ii in his. of coarse, ii was about to cum, and he was too. ii wanted to get back on top but he had my arms on lock. he moved faster when i told him ii was about to cume. he said a raspy slow "me too" BAM! came! all over the sheets! and few more quick strokes. he came. he rolled over and carried me with him. i was on top of him huffing and puffing. that shit was the shit.
i ended up calling my mother to tell her ii was spending the night at the BBF's. no questions asked.
we feel asleep.

ill finish up later guys.


  1. My goodness this was quite the read. I'm so glad i came to find your blog! I will definitely read previous post.

  2. he really seems like a good one girl .

    HLF ? smh .