Saturday, August 8, 2009

joseph asked me for my blogg address!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is currently on the phone reading my last update!
he cussed me out (jokingly) for two reason.
"why the hell u put my name on there and _______ gets to remain a secret"
POINT! but, my slick ass said my blog is real and iim really into YOU so you get a real name
HLF gets no LOVE, not even a fuckin name. pppphhhwaahahhaha
(real talk, jo3. HEY BOOSKIE)
and second reason is cause he said his mom is NOT jamacian and white! LOL! shit. ii thoughts thats what the fuck he said. my ass was half sleep! witcha half breed ass! just incase he refreshes momz is jamacian and dad is white. fuck me twice!


  1. I think it's healthy for u to have your own personal spaces.

  2. sounds like you guys have fun, laugh... and the joking arguments are fun! laughing and yelling.. nothing better.

  3. lmao Tori,gir u are a trip lol

  4. check out my blog

    its worth readingg i promiseee;;)