Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tagged!! twitter trend topic:

thanks you guys. i needed your energy to pull me back in. ii talked to HLF last night and was very forward when i told him ii wasn't interested in him romantically anymore. He asked if ii was still messing with Joseph and ii was up front and told him yes. to my surprise he did not get mad. we even talked for a little while longer. the thing about this is, ii think he's only trying to be cool to minipulate me into getting back. it seems like he's making me think he is cool and okay with being friends and he thinks he's going to win me over. iim smarter this time. and thanks to you guys comments im not even trying to give him another chance. ii wont say never. as of now, NOT!

so I have been tagged to give 10 famous excuses: no limits, any excuse. tag 10 people to give 10 excuses.

#famousexcuses this isn't a hickey!....I got punched in the neck! (LMAOOO)

#famousexcuses i Nah i aint never went through your phone and read you texts

#famousexcuses I don't got no service so txt me

#famousexcuses shorty is ugly i would never fck anything like that

#famousexcuses im allergic to condoms.....smh

#famousexcuses I've been really busy....Really? why are you online tweeting... lol

#famousexcuses Ima pull out....negative! Wrap it up

only did seven and i only tagged 7 so do it everyone!

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