Friday, August 7, 2009


I decided to use other ppls topics that ii see and find interesting. so what! say sumin! lmao. i figured that way ii will have something other than my relationship to talk about loves.

ii just ran across a blog with a fuckin great story about being in a complicated relationship with a married man. (new follower now. seems like she has some real shit to talk about) well ii dont know if its complicated cause she says it is, then doesnt in the comments. confused.

ii read some comments to see, what they had to say about her situation. cause im a never say never type a gal. ii could say ii wont deal with a married man til one with a good dick, some personality and his shit together (besides his not doing her damn wife) and im hooked.

so anywho.... The comments where more geared towards is the status complicated a cop out or a valid answer. so ii said some shit like...
FUCK YEA, THAT SHIT IS! FUCK U MEAN I CANT HAVE A COMPLICATED as my RELATIONSHIP status Lmfao! cop out means avoiding the question. shit actually. id like to talk about that shit! LMAO

my last relationship status was nothing more and nothing less than complicated. we wasn't single and we wasn't in a relationship OUR ASS WAS COMPLICATED. simple as that. THER FOR IT IS! i have proof!ME. blah blah. this a good TOPIC though. thought i'd share. tomorrow ill have some opinions about others.

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  1. happy i could be inspiration for a post. :)
    Imma have to go back and read what i said... maybe write a follow up for clarity...