Friday, August 7, 2009

on the phone with the booskie.
im falling fast && O so fast
i'll be smart ya'll. he just says all the right shit
maybe O maybe, im just on the rebound.
im more opened than usual.
shit! what the fuck.
i'll catch u guys up. i need to stay on top of my shit
cause im falling with my blog and shit
my diary is some weeks behind.
joseph and i are already together if you havent noticed.
he keeps telling me to get the fuck off the phone.
he just said im not giving him all the attention.

oh ii really have to tell you all about HLF and his manipulative ways


  1. could be the rebound talking.. i say, have fun..... stay guarded until ur sure! .. still have fun and enjoy ur new relationship.. (which seems like i don't even have to tell you!)

    thanks for coming thru my blog! i love everything you say!

  2. awwww sooo happy for you too.!!
    but be wise.!!

  3. ^^^I co-sign. Have fun, be careful! but not too too careful, then you'll miss out on all the fun!

  4. most def be careful... as everyone else said- it could be the rebound talk.

  5. thats really good, you know something good always comes out of something negatvie! guess that happend for u. Have fun!